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    Adventure date vs the linear guild

    by , 08-29-2013 at 08:33 PM (296 Views)
    I was walking around in a city with a girl (that I know IRL), we were friends and had decided to go exploring. But it eventually became more of an adventure date.

    I remember us walking across this huge dark concrete bridge, seeing skyscrapers in the distance.

    We passed by a small trapdoor that read "XS (as in extra small) storage". The girl shuddered and explained she once had to hide in one of these that was on a train. She had done that since she didn't had a ticket, she said it was horribly crammed and one of her worst experiences ever.

    We walked across the bridge and ended up walking past an old abandoned mining complex. We decided to explore it, even though we knew it was illegal, and climbed across the fence that surrounded it. The place were painter mostly in grey, and with large 2-3 storage buildings. I remember the terrain was that of a desert.

    But when I entered there I ran into Nale, from the linear guild! It is a fictional character from a online comic called "order of the stick". We talked about something, and it ended with him attacking and killing me while I was trying to protect the girl.

    But then I loaded a previous save and returned to the point when I just met Nale! For some reason I saw the world with an UI like Dragon age 2! (probably because I was playing the game the entire other day :p) Like in DA 2 I got several choices of what to do, and I managed to choose the one that allowed me to talk my way through the situation. I don't remember what I said, but he replied "well played!" and summoned me to follow him into the building. He then called for Thog, another member of the linear guild, and he came. He was grumpy and complaining and pushed past all of us.

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