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    Not so sneaky...

    by , 08-11-2013 at 10:23 AM (298 Views)
    I was in a military office complex. I was a spy who had entered there to steal some of their secrets.

    The problem is, getting out seemed to be harder then getting in...

    I was hiding in a office with big windows to the corridor, and when I peered though them I could see guards patrolling there. There was some kind of voice trying to give me successions on how to sneak past them. I tried but somehow I alerted the guards. But that proved to be a good thing, since they entered the office I was hiding in one by one, meaning I could shoot them as soon as they entered. This is a tactic I have used in many computer games :p At one point they were standing in line, kind of waiting to enter and be shot.

    With all the guards dead I was free to just walk out of there.

    It all felt like a computer game to be honest...

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