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    Dream-quest by UnknownKadath

    Creepy doll that I don't own, among other things

    by , 02-10-2024 at 02:05 PM (35 Views)
    I dreamed that I was in my room, sitting on my bed. It wasn't quite my room, but the bed was pretty spot on including the headboard. In the dream I had a stuffed animal that resembled a tailless Aipom. I hated it, because every time I looked at it, the eyes were looking in a different direction, or it was even leaning to a different side. I decided that it was going to go in a bag and into the car and straight to Goodwill tomorrow. No leaving bags of stuff in the trunk for days before donating them, it was GOING.

    But then I was at least a little aware of dreaming, because I thought to myself that I couldn't really get rid of it, because I didn't really own it, not in real life. I thought about the items on my own headboard, just few decorations and definitely not that thing. So I laid down and tried to sleep. I actually felt the doll climb down from the headboard and gently pull my hair, several inches of it. And that's what did it for me.

    I have a buzz cut. You can't pull my hair. Once I acknowledged that that wasn't real, the dream shifted.

    I was on the deck, tending to plants. A loud car drove by, one of the ones modified to make more noise and whose owner probably did donuts in parking lots to show off. He slowed and stopped, seeming to look right at me. Then he stuck his hand out the window, holding a gun, and fired three times at me. He missed all three times and I ran. He seemed like he hadn't really cared about hitting me and just messing around.

    The dream changed again. A recurring thing in my dreams is going out to the backyard to tend to my dogs, who died almost a decade ago. I realized again that I was dreaming and wondered if I stopped tending to the dream dogs if they'd go away and I'd stop dreaming about them. Like just no longer watering a plant you don't want anymore.

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