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    1. Generated messages this year, which mention dreaming - March 2022

      by , 10-07-2022 at 09:42 PM
      Generated messages this year, which mention dreaming

      GM: Active Dreaming - Angels - Equals - Make It Real
      GM: Efficacious [successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective.]
      Mapping Wholeness
      I AM WE ARE
      Dream Come True
      GM: All Information Is Channelled
      The Human Brain
      Opinion is that which has yet to be established as a matter of fact

      William: refining and purifying one's motivations and attitudes.

      GM: Dream yoga
      As You Think
      Time Will Tell

      William: As it always does eventually
      GM: There are many levels of consciousness
      The Astral Body
      Wish fulfillment
      Being Born

      William: In whom are we trusting?

      GM: Emotional Intelligence
      Conscious dreaming
      The Nature of This Place
      GM: Dream Experience - Faithful
      GM: Precognitive dreams
      The Twelve Disciples
      "A light breeze arriving and kissing my cheek at the same moment I am thinking life is beautiful", is a message.
      As Above So Below
      GM: Exploring the world of lucid dreaming
      The Nature of This Place
      GM: Sleeping Dragon=146
      Invisible Bridge
      Realities Merge
      True Colors
      On all fronts
      No axe to grind...
      The Mother Bandage
      GM: Perseverance
      Golden nugget
      Active dreaming
      Becoming whole
      GM: To Experience All That Is
      Shamanic dreaming [relating to the beliefs and practices associated with a shaman.]
      GM: When The Opportunity Presents Itself To Do So...
      GM: What we call the experience of reality
      Human Mind System
      GM: Real
      Think outside the box
      Toward a Science of Consciousness
      Your Dream Team
      [Archangel Metatron
      Putting My Finger On It...]
      William: "Love! Do we know the meaning Lord above? Inside my head is screaming out so tell me am I dreaming Or awake before this living nightmare of a world "
      GM: Self
      Peaceful Messiah
      Think outside the box
      GM: Higher Self Dream Guide
      In William's Room
      GM: Within
      We Could
      Final Dream
      Angelic Agenda

      William: Askesis = he procedure of demonstrating self-control and determination of action and purpose. The exercise of rigorous self-discipline, especially mental self-discipline practiced as a means to spiritual growth.
      GM: Phenomenon
      Anchors aweigh
      Higher Self Dream Guide
      Imposed Appropriates Observed
      The Deeper Self
      Joining The Main Egregore

      GM: Strengthen your boundaries
      Spiritual Activism
      Hologram Dimensions
      GM: [Conscious dreaming]

      Being Born
      Little Self
      GM: He Who Waits
      Golden nugget
      Active dreaming
      Becoming whole

      It Is One Of Those Things = 256
      The Right Tool For The Job
      Suppression Matrix
      Compass of Divine Insight
      Extra evidence is provided
      GM: Whatever you do
      Dream Come True
      GM: A New Perspective
      Mother Earth
      Realm of Dreams
      GM: Realm of Dreams
      GM: In The Flow
      [Conscious dreaming]
      GM: We have discussed
      Dreamed Up By Yours Truly
      Returning The Compliment
      Astral Pulse
      Getting Somewhere
      William: The Moon card shows a full moon in the night’s sky, positioned between two large towers. The Moon is a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. Its light is dim compared to the sun, and only slightly illuminates the path to higher consciousness winding between the two towers.
      GM: Telling the future
      For The Purpose Of
      Precognitive dreams
      Intimate connection
      The waters of the deep
      GM: [Advice
      The evolution of consciousness
      Your Dream Team
      It is neither good nor evil
      GM: Play
      Oneirology - the scientific study of dreams
      Exciting Changes Would Develop Naturally Enough From That
      GM: By/Through
      To assist with strengthening the connect]
      Following Your Intuition
      ~Putting yourself back together again~
      Dream interpretation
      GM: Egalitarian - Dream Village - Insights!
      GM: Shamanic dreaming - Positivity - The Nature of This Place
    2. The Eternal Authority

      by , 08-15-2022 at 07:33 PM
      I think you are missing the point about my Jungian exegesis here, VVilliam, and I do think your point is not valid in the slightest.
      VVilliam pokes at the fire and ponders upon what Summerlander tells him...and he reaches into the depths of his Cloak, he withdraws his Journal Experience Tablet.
      Activating the JET, he then places the word "okay" through the word-value algorithm and adds the result to his data-base...he then reads the results aloud, looking up from the screen and observing for any reaction from summerlander, after saying each word


      Yes. There it is...VVilliam is not surprised

      VViliam thinks of the six heart virtues...Wingmakers are never far from the action...
      VVilliam wonders if something similar might be what Job said to his God

      VVilliam thinks of the meme "I'm not saying it was Aliens" and smiles to himself...he looks up at the night sky and feels like he is sharing in a rather elaborate - well concealed - cosmic prank...

      I don't see the Biblical parables as objective realities, I see them as psychological events.
      VVilliam wonders if Summerlander is taking the micky with his remark re "psychological events" He searches for meaning in the word and gets two hits.
      One reads "of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person." and the other "(of an ailment or problem) having a mental rather than a physical cause."

      He finds the Word-Value and adds it to the list.

      Possible Clues...
      The Spirit of The Earth
      Well That Settles It
      Ian and William Play chess
      Shallow is Unknown
      Neruda Interview Five
      The Plateau of The Same Page
      Present over perfect
      Psychological events

      Job precisely came to the realisation that just being a good person isn't sufficient!
      VVilliam continues to do Word-Values as Summerlander talks. The results are interesting.

      A drop of consciousness in an ocean of tears
      Just being a good person isn't sufficient

      He matured from a phase where he thought just being good before an invisible/imaginary heavenly father would be enough to impress to a more realistic and pragmatic outlook about the world where the goods to be reaped from the land aren't going to sow themselves, so to speak—and he was happier for it as evidenced by the tenfold prosperity that unraveled post-realisation. His experience precisely made him develop a thicker skin after the calamitous events (proverbially, Satan's input) in his life and he only got 'closer to God' in the sense that he improved his relationship with the world around him (as it is said, 'God is everywhere').

      Summerlander pauses and VVilliam takes the opportunity to speak.

      VVilliam: Job realizes the God is real but not in the way he had previously imagined.

      Perhaps Job realized that The God he was interacting with, was the planet itself?

      Or perhaps only we in today’s world can really get a bead on that, since we now have pictures of the planet, from a spaceman’s perspective.

      In reality the journey continues because none of us really know The God sufficiently outside of our own imaginations.

      At least the Earth is real enough – never to mind the rest of the universe…

      I see that you've smuggled in 'lack of empathy' as if it's anywhere near the same ballpark as 'developing a thick skin'—it isn't.
      VVilliam carries on with his calculations

      Astral Guides
      Etched mirror
      Healing The Beast
      Contact With
      Three In A Row
      Small Steps
      Divine Sound
      A rock and a hard place
      Balance of power
      In the moment
      Heaven on Earth
      'Lack of empathy'

      Just because someone is an atheist doesn't mean he or she lacks empathy any more than being a Muslim automatically aligns your beliefs with the intolerant and psychotic ISIS ideology. In fact, many serial killers exhibit religious beliefs and yet lack empathy for everybody else.

      Ancient Grey Entity
      If In Doubt Let It Sit
      Nazi Space Program Agenda
      Independent from what?
      Conspiracy theory
      Monkey See Monkey Do
      When things fall apart
      The Undiscovered Self
      'Developing a thick skin'

      Do you honestly believe that all atheists necessarily lack empathy and that they are all crying at the prospect of death being final?
      VVilliam clears his throat and then answers.

      VVilliam: I honestly do not know what all atheists are doing…the ones I have met seem to be as unique to their own sense of self as all the non-atheists are.

      Identify any ‘atheist’ in the story? Certainly not The Devil!

      More calculations - additional data

      Anticipating that this will prove to be helpful to the science
      Perhaps we can deconstruct some of these pernicious views.
      Identify any ‘atheist’ in the story? Certainly not The Devil!

      Bearing in mind what happened to Job, I'd like you to picture such scenario happening to you, only you discover that the disease you've been infected with and the torture and murder of some of the people you love and care about were the result of a bet that your father had with some nefarious agent. You confront your father and demand answers only to hear him say that you weren't around when he made a home for you and your siblings and that you are not wise enough to comprehend his actions.

      Would you bow down to your father and call his actions caring?
      VVilliam doesn't hesitate with answering summerlanders question.

      VVilliam: I would respect his position immensely and bow to that – the 'bowing' would be symbolized within the actions of showing respect.
      I would also have further questions... Questions as such a Son might be permitted to ask and be graced with answers.

      What is a poor boy to do, faced with such factuality?

      I might also ask “how thick do you want my skin to be?” but would be smiling as I did so…

      VVilliam places another log on the fire and takes a sip of his cooled-down brew. Then he taps on his tablet screen, busy adding results to his JET.
      Love Life
      Being Born
      An Elder Race
      Stone Age
      ...of said agenda...
      Lift your gaze from the fire
      The Human Form as a Means to an End
      Memorandum of Understanding
      ...but would be smiling as I did so…
      Reminding one of how it all started and the different stages one goes through.
      Questions as such a Son might be permitted to ask and be graced with answers

      Somewhere in the small grove of trees, Te Ruru calls...and the sound brings a smile to VVilliams thick-skined face...

      I think you are missing the point about my Jungian exegesis here, VVilliam, and I do think your point is not valid in the slightest.
      The point I am focused upon is at the very center of the Mandala, summerlander.

      Quote Originally Posted by GM
      What Fun We Have!
      The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions

      I Think
      Connecting The Dots

      Manifest Destiny
      Discussing the data
      Where are we getting our news from?
      Galactic Encompassment
      The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions

      Every Conceivable Detail
      To Add to That
      Resident of The Hub Of Hologram Dimensions
      Ghost In The Machine
      The Point
      Encouraging Indication

      Through The Unconscious Mind
      Opening Doors

      Source Codes
      Everything is a Message

      Source Reality
      Every Conceivable Detail
      A Vital Purpose
      Source Intelligence
      Mothers Milk
      Galactic Encompassment
      Be they seeds or suns, or be it that suns are seeds, it is all part of the universe, and everything that we acknowledge as the universe, came from a tiny seed.
      Teaching Music
      Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe

      The Imagination
      You Have An Invisible Friend
      That's Powerful!
      Wise beyond ones years

      First Source:
      I Will
      Do Something About It
      Delightful Anticipation

      The Source of All Creation
      From The Source
      For A Particular Reason

      Micro Reflections of a Macro Reality
      I love you
      First Source:
      Edited post: Merged posted.... Please don't double post. ~Humbledreamer DV Mod
    3. Meeting The Ex

      by , 02-23-2022 at 04:03 PM
      This dream took shape at a public park where many people were out having family fun.

      I saw my ex and she said something to me, which I can’t remember, but was pleasant enough.
      It may have been an invite back to her folk’s house because the dream moved from the park to my brother and I driving to her folk’s place, which was a home I have never been to in dream or awake mode.
      During the visit – they wanted to hear me play some of my music,– I was paying attention to the time because I had a gig to play later.
      I had to get something out of the truck and walked down the path out the back but couldn’t find the truck. On the way back I was carrying a puppy.
      After getting back to the house I was surprised that my microphones were set up – and my ex’s friend asked me if I could play a Bob Dylan song for her…I don’t recall what song it was, but I knew it, and told her I would be happy to perform it.
      As with all my music-playing dreams – I never actually performed – they always revolve around setting the gear up – often with frustrating delays and looking for stuff – but end before the actual performance.

      My brother and I also went to look for something we needed which my ex’s dad said we would find in his car. We looked but did not find whatever it was we were looking for.
      What I did notice was that the upholstery was completed shredded, and I assumed that it was dogs which had done this.
      When I returned, I noticed some documentation on a computer screen, which had to do with my ex - and as I was halfway through reading it, I suddenly thought that I shouldn't be doing so and moved away from the computer. As I moved away, the computer fell on the floor.

      At one point soon after this, I saw a cat knock my piano keyboard off a table – at first, I was annoyed but then I remembered that this was a typical cat thing. I picked the cat up and – after giving it a belly rub - put it outside.
      Dreams of my ex and her family are not uncommon for me. Most of the time they are pleasant enough.
      After awakening, and writing this down, I had flashes of memories of other dreams involving the ex and family - dreams which I know I had many years ago.
    4. Stacking Timbres

      by , 02-21-2022 at 05:10 PM
      I was asked by a woman to stack some timber planks that she wanted to sell. As I was stacking them I noticed that they gave off a subtle ringing sound - musical and very pleasant. I mentioned it to the lady and she wanted to hear it for herself, but when I showed her, the musical sound didn't happen.

      Stacking Timbres = 170
      The Voice Within = 170
      Information field = 170
      Spiritual path = 170
    5. Entanglement

      by , 02-20-2022 at 06:40 PM

      My dream this night involved being in a building which I had no difficulty entering but great difficulty leaving.

      I found a gathering of friendly people – some whom I knew - in the building and the atmosphere was jovial. I was attempting to find my mothers phone number and was frustrated because it wasn’t where I thought I had placed it – and I kept scrolling through my notes with no success.
      Then my brother arrived and was able to give me my mothers phone number, which I was happy about, but still miffed that the number was mysteriously missing from my own notes.
      In using a word-value algorithm on the string “Mysteriously missing” these WSV [word string values] were in my data base
      Mysteriously missing = 291
      A machine for solving problems = 291
      Making the best of a bad situation = 291

      The irony therein is that the machine I was using to try and locate my mother phone number, was not helpful in solving my problem …

      My Dream experience showed me that – while I get annoyed in situations where things are not going as I think they should unfold – I do not allow this to unhinge me to a point where the annoyance becomes anger…I stay reasonably calm…however…

      It is worthwhile to my growth that I treat my DE as showing me that there is still room for improvement in that – to engage with untangling from and entangled situation, I would be better not to let myself even become annoyed by it – but accept it and eventually it will work itself out – as in – my brother turned up and gave me the information I was looking for.

      Still – persevere - but drop the emotion of "being annoyed" about doing so.

      Persevere = 113
      Chamber Of Self
      The Moment
      Apocalypse [uncover, disclose, reveal]

      Being annoyed = 115

      In Training
      Other way
      Inside I cry
    6. The Old Garage

      by , 02-19-2022 at 03:31 PM

      In this dream I was in an old - poorly lit - garage and talking to the owner mechanic - a friendly older man.
      We were talking about mechanical things, and I told him I hadn't always been very interested in the subject but that lately I was, and he said it was never too late to learn and that one place to start is with a tool.

      I looked around for one and chose a medium sized Square and he said that was a good choice and I asked if I could buy it and he said $4 - I had a five dollar note and a one dollar note and thought just to give him $6 for it but decided to give him the $5 saying 'keep the change'.

      As we moved around the workshop - I suddenly thought that I had been there before and then remembered that a friend of mine and I had stopped here many years ago when out riding.

      I seemed to think that my friend and the garage owner were friends and asked him if he remembered me and my friend stopping in all those years ago, and he said that he did indeed remember that.

      Another person resembling my friend - white hair and beard - was flittering around in the peripherals.

      A child then appeared riding a small unusual looking well-built peddle-car. I remember thinking how fortunate some kids are and had the thought that he would be a boy-racer when he got older...with the feeling that some folk don't appreciate things because they have always been given stuff and never had to work for it so they don't take care of the things they have.

      The scene shifted to out the back of the garage as I followed the garage owner. My eldest son was with us now. I had the feeling that he needed a shower and asked the garage owner if it would be alright to use the shower in the garage and he was fine with that, so I asked my son to go take a shower and then we would be on our way.

      When we returned to the inside of the garage, there were two taps running, with water pouring onto the floor. I turned the taps off and apologized to the owner.
      My son was inside some type of glass cabinet and looked older. I asked him why he had turned the taps on, but he did not reply.

      While I waited for him to get out of the cabinet and answer my question, I rolled a cigarette. I remember licking the paper before putting tobacco into it, and thinking that was not the way I normally did it...

      I asked my son again, and he said that he could not find the shower [so he turned on the taps to get attention] - or that was the feeling I got from his reply...

      The workshop floor sloped upwards as my son, and I walked toward the back - but I think that this may have been out the back and it was night-time, and I didn't tell the difference between being inside and outside - and suddenly the person with white hair and beard speed down a pathway leading back into the garage saying something like 'wait here!' - he seemed panicked...

      I then awoke and thought to take some notes and then go back to sleep [because it is only 3am] but then decided that if I remembered my dream in the morning, I would DJ it - but then I couldn't get back to sleep so got up and wrote this down.
    7. Dream Village

      by , 02-18-2022 at 11:51 PM

      My dreams are often really long and involved, and I know I dream every night.

      Last night I was in what I would call my 'dream village' which is modelled on an actual village I once lived in.
      I go there often, and things can get really busy with exchanges happening with many different of the dream characters, some who are modelled on actual folk I interacted with in the village when I lived there.

      I had been in the village for quite some time, and was walking down the foot-path when someone yelled "fire" and sirens went off and movement towards a particular area of the village - as I write this - I am reminded of when I lived in that village and actually saw smoke coming from a shop, and raised the alarm...in my dream I moved with others - I could sense other folk moving toward a particular part of the village - on a road leading toward a house I once rented - but there was no smoke to see...and as I thought this, suddenly smoke could be seen, only it wasn't like house-fire smoke but more like mist, and from the mist a figure appeared which turned out to be the owner of the hose I had rented.

      I was happy to see her - or glad that the fire had turned out to be a false alarm - or both - I am not sure, but I hugged her and asked how she was doing.
      She seemed a little taken aback by my hugging her, but the exchange quickly ended as another exchange began to take place...

      There was a house across the road which was having a party, and I invited myself in. I got the feeling it was a wake of some kind, but everyone was enjoying themselves [or so it appeared] and there were characters there whom I recognized, one person - in particular - who was sitting at the table with about six other characters.

      This person was someone who never lived in this village but whom I had meet in another village. We shook hands and then my attention was turned toward an elderly man at the head of the table, who - after getting my attention - motioned me over to him.

      I bent down and he whispered to me something along the lines of "I don't remember inviting you" and I replied that I hadn't been invited and he told me I should f-off then - not so much in a nasty way - but more in a way that revealed the gravity of my not being invited and he kept the smile on his face, not wanting to show the others that gravity in order not to bring the mood of the party down.

      His face reminded me of the actor...Brian Dennehy...and I sensed no malice in his request...

      I think there were some exchanges with others in the house before I left, and back out on the street, I heard someone behind me, and turning, I saw this young lady dressed in dark attire and looking witchy.
      As she moved toward me, I became aware of another lady coming around a corner - someone I had known who had also lived in the village and who was also dressed witchy.

      The first lady appeared to try and screen me from the second woman's sight, by moving in front of me as I moved toward her - but we managed to engage briefly, and then she went into the party house.

      I started moving toward a large factory building where things got a little blurry - I think it was applying for a job there.

      A woman there approached me and she had the demeanour of someone who distained folk beneath her own station...being abrupt and talking down at me - she was the factory owner and told me to follow her and she started to show me the whole lay-out of the factory.

      The further into the factory workings we got - the more questions I asked, and our exchange took on a life of its own, until - we reached a place which was blocked off by a solid wall of corrugated iron and she told me to go in – it was her office - or words to that effect and so I figured that there must be some kind of hidden entrance and soon found it in the form of a curtain which looked like part of the corrugated iron.

      Once inside, we became very relaxed with one another, and this turned into a sexual vibe...very consensual in nature...but we were interrupted early [while still dress] by a scene change as my ex came out of the background and saw what was going on...

      I followed my ex and explained to her that what was happening was quite natural and necessary and showed her the reason why - which involved me having to travel and I pulled out some kind of technology which unfolded into a type of holographic display, and once she saw this evidence, she relaxed and appeared quite supportive and encouraging.

      This exchange with my ex, was viewed by me in the third person - I was watching it happen from an observers pov.

      Then I had the sense I was analysing what had happened in the dream experience while still being in the dream - perhaps sitting in a dark room - I had the sense of there being a team, and had flashes of pieces of cake being manifested for every aspect of the dream analysis that I got correct and then one thing I said - something to do with a behind the scene "Dream Team" which coordinated my dream experiences was rewarded with the image of a giant piece of cake...then there was talk about the message generating process and word-values as I began to awaken...

      I got up, thought about my dream, and decided to write it down...and even as I have been writing it down here - in doing so, I find myself remembering things about it and adding these details in the writing.