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    Angry Boss

    by , 03-28-2016 at 04:22 AM (295 Views)
    It's good to be back! I was trying to do an actual WBTB last night, something that I haven't taken the time for in ages, but my legs disrupted my sleep too much. I was lucky have this late morning LD.

    #488 - DILD - 9AM-ish

    I go into work two hours late and Mike and Brenda is telling my boss is mad at me for it. I decide to fill out a form for sick pay so that maybe she wont be mad. I try to clock in on the computer, but nothing is working right. Woody tells me the computers are down and I have to clock in on the old time card system. I have a hard time finding a blank time card and all the ones with writing look really strange. It takes a minute to find what I am looking for. As I slide my card in the machine it dawns on me that all the trouble I am having is typical of a dream.

    I walk way from time card and walk back into my work place. I see various people that I know, but their faces are all melty-flowy and shift into other faces. This is typical for me so I don't pay much attention to it, though I find it annoying. As I try to think what I'll do in this dream, I realize that I am really tense now, trying too hard no to wake up. I force myself to relax a little and things feel better. I decide I should go ahead and see why my boss is so angry; I figure it would be good practice for waking life.

    I walk into the break-room and see the usual people she sits with, but my boss is absent. I sit across from Sasha and ask where Sandy is, but shes deep in some conversation and mostly ignores me. I see some red sugar cookies and a coffee sitting in front of me. I try a cookie, but there is no taste. I go ahead and dunk it in coffee; still no taste, but now my mouth feels like it's full of something thick and expanding. Sasha tells me that I have red sugar in my beard. I try to say something back, but my mouth is so full I can't speak. I quickly wake up feeling like I have cottonmouth.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      O.o You felt like you had a cottonmouth when you woke up?Heh. What a weird experience. XD Well, at least you were lucid in your dream.
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