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    From The Buick

    by , 03-21-2017 at 04:22 AM (388 Views)
    #506 - DEILD - 12:11AM

    I have a moment where I am in between dream and wake. I'm not quite sure if it's another In-Dream-WILD or an actual DEILD. I relax and rely on "muscle memory" to effortlessly transition.

    Apparently, my alternate self has been sleeping the back of a 50's model Buick. I am in some show room full of classic cars. Not being particularity interested, I pass them by and enter a big open room like some sort of carpeted gymnasium. The place feels familiar like something from my past. I am so excited to be in a lucid dream that I let out a big whooping shout as I explore the area.

    There is a spot with some benches and I see my mother sitting there. Next my younger sister and my brother materialize in adjacent seats. We've had tensions in waking life and I feel the desire to avoid them, but I decide they showed up for a reason. I approach them all and for some reason, I great them with a handshake. No one speaks so I feel like I don't have to deal with whatever my subC is throwing at me. I move on....
    "Hey Mike." It's my sister.
    I sigh and turn around, "What do you want?"
    My sister blandly states that my mother 'really wants my company'. I guess really need to call my parents in waking life. I nod and turn to the spot where my mother is setting, but she has vanished. Sweet, I don't have to talk to some robotic representation of my family anymore. I'm totally off the hook here! As I rush away from the area the dream fades.

    I remain focused and transition back into the dream state actively climbing back out that same Buick. This time the cars disappear and I am some cheaply rendered deep space nebula field. I move on and I renter the gymnasium. This time the dream fades for good.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld! I'd say your robotic DCs seem to carry meaningful messages. Mine barely speak and when they finally say something that isn't gibberish I usually forget what it was upon waking .
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