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    Clap, Clap, Snore

    by , 12-26-2017 at 02:50 AM (330 Views)
    #518 - IDWILD - 2:30PM

    I guess by now these In-Dream-Wake-Initiated-Lucid-Dreams shouldn't really surprise me (a bit of an oxymoron I suppose). I'm sure I've said this before, but I feel they more closely fit the category of DILD or DEILD because, I probably am already dreaming when I start them. However, sometimes I really don't recall what started them so it's hard to say, but it always feels like a real WILD. Usually I have a non lucid dram sequence with some kind of back story, but other times, like last night, I have no recall of what triggered it. Are they random or are they intentionally started after a brief awaking? Perhaps, it's linked to my history of waking in sleep paralysis that I have so often turned into a gateway. Sometimes I just don't know. I don't have a lot of LD's these days for lack of effort, but I haven't abandoned the practice completely so, I take what I get. Anyway, I am hesitant to try to start a new term, but IDWILD really seems to be a thing for me so I'm calling it that for now.This dream could have been awesome, but unfortunately, when you share a bed, there are external factors at play.

    I find myself in a typical WILD transition. I have separated easily but it's dark. I try clapping my hands repeatedly and the effort and feeling of it makes the dream more vivid. The lights come on and I float around my bedroom and house shouting with excitement to be having another lucid dream after such a long period of time. I start to settled down and decide what to do, but a noise wakes me up.

    I tap my wife to stop snoring and intend to make an entry in my DJ but I falsely do it in another jumbled dream sequence. I wake again note the time. I roll over and pass out for good. At this point I'm not even sure if my wife even snored of if it was a FA. I forgot the tricky nature of these altered states of consciousness and dreaming. Maybe next time I'll be more vigilant.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Love those in dream lds! I think that with so much experience your mind and body are so used to doing this, it might initiate it on autopilot too. And as you said, all lucids are welcome!

      I've been contemplating about trying to wild (at least mentally) during the day, to try to incubate something like this. So far only in theory, but hope to practice more in 2018!
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    2. Xanous's Avatar
      You're probably right and you might have a really good idea there. Hopefully 2018 will be filled with more LD's for the both of us. I've been really undisciplined in a lot of areas lately, so I'm going to try really hard to get back on track and LDing is one of them.
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