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    by , 10-26-2021 at 02:00 PM (431 Views)
    Im excited this morning. I have really been struggling with recall and lucidity. I think my kratom usage has been sabotaging me. I initially started taking it for my restless legs so I could sleep. I didnt realize it was a trap. After a few years my doseage got high due to tolerance. Now Im am horribly addicted. Once I realized this still was starting to negatively affect my mental health, I tried to quit cold turkey. I was not prepared for that sort of living hell. I have since then tapered down quit a bit but its still been a nightmare. However, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am nearly done; Just a few more weeks. I only mention this as a fair warning to anyone thinking about or currently using kratom. Yeah its legal in most states but this stuff is far from safe. Dont the the pro kratom group lie to you. If I had known this is basically opiod addiction I would have never started it. There are even several reports of people having seizures and in some cases they die from it. Not to meation all the other various healt issues. I believe these people. They are just normal people like anyone and its not some big pharma lie.

    Anyway, the real point of this post is that I dreamed VERY vividly last night. Maybe it was some REM rebound since Ive been dealing with horrible insomnia from the kratom withdrawls, I dont know. However, I noticed a dream sign during a dream. There were just random multiple tornadoes in the sky sitting stationary. I thought it might be a dream but for the first time ever, I could not blow through a nose plug. Maybe I subconsciously held my breath? I wasnt a real thoughtful nose plug. I was very disappointed I didnt blow through and felt something still wasnt right but I quickly dismissed it. Then went on to have a very long vivid dream of jogging through my old hometown and interacting with various DCs. It was a failed DILD but I am so excited at the level or recall and vividness. I hope this continues.

    Also F kratom.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Glad to hear you’re off kratom despite the RLS. Have you looked into some diet changes that may help alleviate rls? What about l-theanine?
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    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Thank you. Yes Ive tried just about everything. Even putting a bar of soap under my sheets lmao.
      I went back on a low dose of Lexapro for now since thats the only other thing that helps my RLS. Im not excited about that but its much safer and less likely to get out of control than Kratom.
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