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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Guess who just had an LD for the first time in months?!

      by , 03-29-2014 at 05:47 PM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      This girl right here

      (Excuse any typos, I typed this down a bit quickly)

      I was at some sort of law school for some odd reason. I remember the teachers disliked me I think because I didn't listen to them sometimes. The entire inside of the building was painted gray, had gray carpet, gray furniture, etc. It was a very dull place and made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I was walking down a hall with three or more other students who were dressed in suits. I don't think I was wearing one, just some jeans and a T-shirt like I wear normally. They had stopped to look at some posters at a wall and gave a look of disgust. I don't remember what exactly was on the posters, so I don't really know why they were disgusted by them. We walked into a small office or classroom or something with about four chairs and a desk in front of them. There was nothing on the gray walls and once again all the furniture was gray. A really tall, really buff, bald man had us sit down in the chairs and he didn't look very happy at all. He looked angry and I could tell that made the students next to me uncomfortable. He began speaking in a raised voice about something, however I don't quite remember what he was saying. While the students seemed a bit afraid about what he was saying, I simply sat there calmly. I suddenly knew it was a dream. It took me a little while to actually become lucid, but I eventually got out of the seat and interrupted the man and said "Let me just say something." He stopped and starred at me. I think I put my hands on his shoulders and then said in his face "I'm lucid." and grinned because I was so happy. He looked confused and stammered "W-what?" I told him I'd prove it to him and I started flying up to the ceiling. I flew up several feet, but lost my control and almost fell on my face. Typically flying is incredibly easy for me, but I guess I hadn't put enough concetration into it this time like I usually do. The DC continued to stare at me. I'm pretty sure I convinced him, but just in case I said to him that this was a dream. He said something like "Oh, my God." and then said he guessed I was "off the hook" then and gestured to the door leading out. I walked out and the students starred at me as I left. When I was back in the hallway, I started to feel the dream get blurry and faded and everything felt like it was spinning. I tried to focus on something and touch things around me which helped stabilise it some and keep it from collapsing for a just little bit longer. Eventually I somehow stumbled (I was having a hard time walking and standing because the dream was still spinning some) into a room that looked almost just like my bedroom from my old house in TX. The paint, the bed, lights and posters were pretty much the same. There were stuffed animals on the floor and my rug from my current bedroom was there for some reason. Unfortunately I couldn't stay in the dream any longer and I collapsed onto the rug and started having a bad nose bleed. I starred at the blood on my hand and then I "woke up" in my current bedroom. Except it was a false awakening. Lights were on but I could tell it was dark outside and for some reason my parents were up. I checked my nose for a sign of a nose bleed, but I seemed fine. I was trying to remember the lucid dream and then I woke up in RL.

      I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to keep the dream from collapsing and do anything exciting, but I am very glad to have had another lucid dream! Man, feels so damn good to have a lucid dream again. It's been so long since my last one.

      Hoping to have more soon!

      Now I'm off to watch the new FiM episode~