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    1. Middle School to Living Room WILD

      by , 05-20-2014 at 07:46 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I woke up after 4 hours and decided to attempt a WILD it took 8 mins after experiencing all the hypnagogic imagery intill the next one I found myself inside the dream. It started with me appearing in middle school I was in the boys bathroom and like my memory of the place it look exactly the same as I remember it. I then left the bathroom and peek through one hallway that leads you out of the cafeteria however I didn't want to leave yet. I then walk in to the cafeteria, there was a lot of kids eating at the table that's when the scene change and I began to appear in my living room. I could tell it was sunny outside as the windows and the living room was very bright. I walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator to see if everything look right, it wasn't bad at all it was in great detail. That's when I saw the back door and I decided I wanted to go outside so I made an attempt to go through it however I got push back. So I decided to look at it and told myself that there really wasn't no door there at all and that I could easily phase through it. That's when I made another attempt to go through it again and it work I went through it. I smile and saw how the outside look, it was very bright and had many green forest. I look down to see the grass had a huge hole that show the sky appearing on the ground. Unfortunately this was my only way of crossing so I made an attempt to walk on it but as I tried I started falling so I got my arm and grab on the ledge of the concrete. I look down and pulled myself up again I began to believe that I could walk on the ground sky as there was truly no ground sky. I made another attempt to walk on it and it work as I walk toward a forest that had a grassy path to lead me. I also notice that the ground had cherry blossoms on them. As I walk deeper in the forest as the trees block majority of the sun light I took a stop to try to communicate with the subconscious but no answer was given to me. That's when I notice 3 people were walking through the forest as well. I wonder why they were going the opposite way as I knew nothing came from the path I walk from. That's when the scenary change again and a table appear in front of me, I could tell I was in my Father room and that it was night outside. I saw this necklace inside the table and thought it was cool so I began searching for it which took me 5 mins looking for where it could have disappear on the table. As I search under the table all I found was colorful jelly beans so I felt like I've been trolled wasting my time. As soon as I stand up the scene changes again and now I appear on a football field, the sky was light gray and people were wearing foot ball clothes. I wasn't sure if they were playing foot ball though or I guess they were but it was different. They hold bats that look like feets in their arm as they all tried to hit the ball with it. That's when the coach told me to get in and play, one of the players tease me so I went in which made me lose a bit of lucidity. I was wondering how could people swing this as it 10x larger and longer than an ordinary bat. However the players came at me once the coach handed me the ball so I swung the giant feet and it hit. That's when the next game started as I walk on the field to only find myself waking up. Lucidity Time : 9 mins

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