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    1. Bad Nightmare DILD

      by , 06-18-2020 at 02:55 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Haven't been having the best kind of dreams lately. Woke myself up from this one.
      Tags: darkness, gun
      lucid , nightmare
    2. Parking Lot Problems DILD

      by , 01-31-2020 at 09:13 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was driving in this parking lot where this guy blocks me from reversing. It was the only way out as there was a building in front of me. So I look in my car view mirror and saw two guy's in hoodies with their hands in their pockets approaching my car. I immediately got out of my car and tell them what's the problem. I kept backing up and realize I am in a dream and was trying to change the dream scene by falling flat down to the ground.

      However the scene would keep going back to the two men pointing guns at me. I laugh and told them you still have guns with you. I decided to try to wake myself up which resulted in a false awakening.

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      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    3. Chest Pain

      by , 06-13-2019 at 08:00 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking along side my cousin and was showing her around the area. My captain at work was behind me for some reason and told me to follow him as he had something important he wanted to show me. I look back to my cousin and wave bye to her as I told her to go back home. As I am following my captain we enter an abandon warehouse and I notice only one light was lit. This look wrong to me and I began to enter a flight or fight mode. That's when a man in a hoodie and wearing a protection glow vest came out from the shadows. He held two guns both in each of his arms. Pointed at me and my captain. I look around for an exit and ran. I bust down through one of the doors and jump off a building not sure where I would land. I woke up from a nightmare and found myself unable to move on my bed. I notice everything in my room was darker than normal. And my bed was at the end corner of the wall. My eyes look up at the ceiling and my mouth was then force open completely by an unknown force.I became lucid and I started trying to close my mouth to no avail. Then the blankets around my neck started tightening. It began to crush my throat and I felt myself having trouble to breathe. I began choking in till I woke up again.
    4. A lot of pressure DILD

      by , 05-22-2019 at 09:41 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I got out of bed and the strong urge to check under my bed occured. I check under my bed and say a man body underneath the dark corners of my bed. I felt shock and suddenly out of no where a hand comes and grabs my ankle and starts pushing inside the bed. The shock causes me to gain lucidity and I tell myself there's no way this can be really happening. So I tried to wake myself up but instead the dream scene changes. I still have lucidity and can see myself in a dark hallway where I saw on the wrote something about incest. I decided to run up the stairway and see no way to cross over. I then hear something behind my and decided to jump off a high point in the stair way to the bottom of the floor. Once I hit the bottom after feeling the gravity bring down. Everything went black and then I woke up and check my phone. My phone showed that the only friend I ever had deleted me and this caused me to feel a sense of dread. I then wake up again
    5. Other Side DILD

      by , 03-09-2019 at 10:18 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dreams starts off with me having problems with my family. I felt something was off with myself as my head felt unusually active. And I felt unreasonably angry, I was arguing with my father and with my brother which escalated in to fight with him. As this happens I felt even more distraught and my head began to vibrate intensely. It got to the point that my entire body felt numb and weightless and I began to float upwards off the ground in a horizontal position about a few inches off the ground.

      I remember screaming and making random sounds that I could not control. I look at the wall and could only see words that were affiliated with the bible. It said something about God and saw many symbols of satan. I then feel body back on the floor, I was standing. Every word that came out of my mouth was unintelligible. I sounded distorted and focus my intention on my brother. I had pick him up and hang him outside attempting to murder him by throwing him outside the window. My father and some other person that I have no knowledge of yelled for me to stop. I somehow gain enough control to violently toss my brother back on the room floor. My family look at me in confusion and my brother began to speak by saying he would never forgive me. I couldn't completely tell what was going on but was then finding myself leaving the house away from them.

      I then eventually after the dream change began to show great signs of lucidity. I knew now that I had been dreaming but was still somewhat receptive to the feeling of fear. I went back to the old home I grew up in. I wanted to make sure that I had dreamt this and that it didn't happen in real life. I went to the old mirror and did the palm rc. Where my finger should go through my palm. I didn't several times while looking in the mirror but it wouldn't work. I began to feel sick to stomach. I knew that I was dreaming and that the dream must've not been working for the rc. I decided to wake up.
    6. Imani 4 DILDS

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:27 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream scene ends of me and my father waiting in a room with a group of people. The new scene appears and it is me at a store, appears to be a clothing store. I look through a few in the section I am in. I notice a book that seems to be a part of the bible. I read some of it verse and brought it back to where I had originally pick it up. I then notice I was around a lot of baby clothes for children.

      I look around the corner where I heard a group of people talking. When I saw them I notice one person that means something to me. It was my cousin. She appeared different, as if she had gain a lot more weight recently. When I observe further as I notice her picking up baby clothes, it became apparent that she is pregnant. I continue browsing in till my path cross with her.

      I simply smiled and waved while walking away. I then decided to look for clothes that I could wear since I needed some new ones. That is when the dream scene change again in to my room. I had assume I was awake as it identical in every way, it was night with no lights on. But something was feeling off to me, I decided to ignore it. As I sat up from my bed something happened to me that I don't know how to explain. I felt like I lost control of my surroundings. I was standing up at the front door of my room.

      That's when I heard screams , it felt piercing and loud. It was a girl voice screaming in pain. I started looking around my room asking what's going on. That's when I started pacing my room to see if there was a way I could find her. For some reason information was toss in to my head against my will, that told me this girl I am hearing is my daughter. Even though I do not have children.

      There was such a desperate urge to help this person, that I started screaming when I kept hearing her. That's when I finally woke up, I was slightly breathing hard and clutch my covers. I was wondering why my dreams were a bit tense lately. Then some DC mentally answered my own question by saying some dreams are bad/ I ask mentally in my head is there a way where I can always have good dreams? He said unfortunately dreams are always good and bad depending on the individual.

      I was going to ask why in till I became lucid on sensing something was wrong. A voice began mentally speaking to me saying , so you have now seen apart of my inner world. Now you see how scary it can be when you will now have to suffer and I will be coming back. Once I heard this I told her no don't bother me anymore. No do not do this. The dream scene change again to me waking up in my bed. It was another false awakening. I got up out of my bed as I was finish sleeping. As I stood up on the floor that's when the feeling hit me again.

      I became lucid and was beginning to see another person in 3rd person and yet I could still see through my own self as if I was in 1st person. I notice someone running aimlessly in grey. Then I completely was back in 1st person with this intense fear around me. The shocking screams began again and I couldn't help but panic to try to find this girl that was in so much suffering. I kept looking around in my room and started saying this can't be happening to me. That's when my window turned in to a grey realm. I ran in there as I continue to follow the loud screams.

      However the grey realm only led me back to my room to where I couldn't see anything. I began to scream as I hear the screams of the girl and my own echoing endlessly. It made my head go numb after hearing that after constantly screaming I open my front door and bang on my father door. His door was lock which is not normal for him as he usually leaves it unlock. I began yelling him to open up the door and that I was being attack by someone. I could hear his television set come on as the door opened.

      I told him I needed his help and I was beginning to talk to him about what was going on. I wake up. This time I think I am really awake and the first thing I do is open my door to get to my father and to explain to him what is happening. I began knocking on his door again as it opened. His TV once again came on and he was not in a good mood. I told him something is wrong and that I was being attacked by some person. He doesn't care and tells me to leave me alone and ask me do you know how early it is.

      I look at the time and see that it is 2:02 AM . I told him he still has plenty of time to rest. He gets angry and tells me he is done helping me. That's when I found myself waking in my bed again. No I said, I was already lucid and yelled why are you doing this to me? That's when something on my bed sprang around like a spider. A woman out of no where appeared sitting in front of me on my bed with red hair. A voice told me in unintelligible words that it was angry with me. I knew it was anger because of how intense the sensation was around me. I began saying I am sorry for what I have done.

      It began showing me images and a vision that I would understand. I knew what the issue was now and said I was sorry. But it didn't matter I could tell nothing I was saying was getting through to her. Whatever this thing was. That's when I woke up again from my bed. I was already lucid and the same terrifying scenario happened again and again. I couldn't stop screaming and I remember falling to the floor which somehow made me continue falling endlessly further down. My head felt so much confusion that I didn't know what to do or think anymore.

      I didn't know when I had waken up or if I was awake all this time. My eyes were just staring at the ceiling. It was like I had been in a trance. I place my hand on my head, my head felt empty as if nothing was in it. I sat up to check the time and could see it is 2:02 AM. I am sorry.
    7. Something DILD

      by , 02-14-2018 at 11:12 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was at a school with other people, can not remember what I was there for. I then found myself in my apartment and open my front door. Something felt very strange but I could not put my mind on what it was. That's when I hear a loud bang behind me. It sounded like it came from my room but I am the only one who lives in my apartment. I run out from room and saw the light from the other room in my apartment turned on and then turned off.

      The strange thing is I don't have room lights for the room so there's no way it could have turned on. That's when I knew I was dreaming. Both of the door's slammed shut while I was outside at the living room. I look to my room and made an attempt to open the door but it would not open no matter how much I pulled on. I began to feel heavy and I began saying you are not going to do this to me.

      That's when I felt a sharp pain at my stomach as I try to turn on the living room lights as they kept turning on and off. I fell to the floor and woke up feeling confuse.
      lucid , nightmare
    8. House Of Stairs DILD

      by , 07-13-2016 at 04:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in a nice house walking upstairs as I see my brother eating while watching television on the floor. He seems to be having a good time as I continue waling up the stairs. In till I had this feeling that someone was planning on breaking in to the house. I could see pass the curtains of the window near the front door of a silhouette of a man walking near the door with a rifle in his hands. I give my brother the danger eye stare and he immediately lock all the doors. I could see people running outside in a panic. My mother and brother both hid somewhere in the house which this place was rather large.

      Once I felt everything was secured and lock, I went upstairs only to see my father trying to open the back door. I open the door and tell him to come back another time. I informed him that we are currently having another person break in. He understands and quickly leaves as I try to find my hiding spot. This house is odd, so many stairs leading to different directions and higher levels in the house. After roaming for about 30 seconds I find a spot that seems good enough to hide in. I grabbed all the blankets I could find to cover myself in it to disguise any trace of a human being. I then remained as quiet as I humanely could and made sure my breathing could not be heard.

      After 13 minutes go by, I began wondering if he had left the house or if my brother and mom were ok. I eventually fell asleep in the dream and woke up in the same spot. I began taking the blankets off me to my horror the man with the rifle and now a hand gun opens the door. He looks at me and says now I will finally get what I deserve. I rub my eyes and tell him and groggly voice to just hold on. And to think about what he is doing as I try to get to my feet. He tosses the gun at me to my confusion and tells me to stay calm and still. I look at him as I drop the gun to the floor. I got a good chance to see his appearance, he had light redish skin, long yellow hair and was wearing a red suit with a fedora on his head. He also appeared to have elf like ears with blood shot eyes.

      He proceeded to grab a match and light something around in the hopes that I would be burned alive. I quickly began to ran out the room. He begins to use one his powers I suppose , his hands started bleeding on command and using his blood who could attempt to control my every movement. I could feel the effects of his ability but for some reason it was not working on me. I continue to go up the stairs as I hear him shouting for my death. I tell him he will be the one to die as the place starts being envelop in flames. I see an elavator but realize that would take too long.

      I hear him coming so I take the stairs but only to find it's not stairs but another room. I become lucid and try to enter inside a painting as a good hiding place. It's no good I can't enter inside it. I continue to run as he has finally caught up to me. Releasing several bullets from his hand gun. I held my hand up to try to stop the bullets with dream control. It didn't work, as I knew the moment one the bullets were about to hit me. I woke up.
    9. No Pulse OST + DA + DILD + DEILD

      by , 10-28-2014 at 03:17 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in third person point of view seeing a man help out someone who is homeless. The home owner ask him does he need a shower? The homeless man says yes but has no towels and says how ridiculous is that? The home owner tells the guy not to worry, he'll give him one of his. They both enter the apartment and as the man search for towels in his dresser. He turns around to find the man holding him at gun point. The home owner begins to ask what's going on and why is he doing this? But the homeless man was speechless and pointed the gun to a spot he wanted the guy to be. The man tried to run out for help but there was a 2nd accomplice and was rather big. He pushes the man forces him down on the bed by holding his neck. While the guy with the gun starts taking most of his things. The scene changes and I once again appear in third person point of view. I see one of my favorite characters fight against heihachi from tekken in wrestling match. It was fast pace and fun to see but later on both tekken characters turn in to huge round moons that have a smiley face on them. I look at them as they bounce around trying to synch with one another. Eventually their timing got closer and closer till they bounce at the same time and became one. That is when I have an FA and recalled my dream and said I remember my dream clearly but unfortunately did not become lucid. I then got up and tried to turn the lights on but they will not come on. I tried again yet it all failed. I heard someone inside the kitchen and as I begin to peek my head through the wall to see the kitchen. This glow, all of a sudden appear and blinded my focus a little. I step back and heard my voice screaming. That's when I feel this sensation again which made me become lucid. My mouth was forced open and mimic the scream as well. That's when I began to think I know it's a dream but I hardly have any control. That's when the force threw me quickly out of the house and then quickly out of the dream. I could still hear the pulsing passing back and forth. I had an idea that if I don't think of anything or make myself completely blank I can get out of this. That's when everything went black and soon after that tingly pulsing went away to. All I could feel was cold and as if my head was some what shut down. That's when the tingly sound return and a dream scene return and I was place an unknown house. It was night , I was already lucid on a and had the same strong feeling that I was unable to wake up. Quickly before I had the chance to get up from the bed I begin to feel a lot of pain on my chest and legs. Felt like someone holding you from side to side while trying to squeeze you till your bones crack. I begin shouting in pain and woke up. Lucidity Time: 1 minute
    10. 5 Lucid Dreams(DILDS), My First OBE Experience Achieved.

      by , 10-08-2014 at 12:36 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was hanging out with my brother and I decided to go to my Father room. I see my Father and Mother both lying down. I grab my hoodie and went in to the living room. My brother and I began to talk. I told my brother there's this feeling that has been getting more apparent these pass months. It seems to be growing a lot more and I don't really know what to do. My brother ask me try to describe it? I told him it's like a lot of paranoia, I'm not sure who I am anymore or if there's any control over it. That's when things got extremely bright in the dream environment. My brother told me the paranoia was probably just me trying to find a way to myself. I began telling my brother this light is effecting me. How do I stop it, is this a dream? as I begin to feel a lot of pain. However my brother said nothing and only stare at me with unusual blue eyes while it takes over. I began to feel really electrifying while becoming lucid and this feeling as if something was coming out. I tried to turn off the lights but it would keep coming on by themselves. That's when I lost it and lost all my lucidity. However I didn't find myself in till 15 seconds later vibrations, too many vibrations and it was too intense to handle. I literally was thrown out of my physical body and as I pop out I was wondering why this was happening. I look at the television black screen and realize my astral body was me at the age of 7-5 and I was bald. I felt so light and floatable and leaving my body felt like crashing sounds of water. I still felt like I was hearing water pounding somewhere. I then realize one of my goals for why I always wanted to have an OBE. I wanted to prove to my brother it exist so I can report all the things he does that I could not possibly have known if I were not there around him all the time. I phase through the door and was in the living room. I then ran up or sort of hover to the next stairs. That's when I try to phase in to the door but could not anymore. I tried again but my heart was beginning to pound harder and a lot slower. My head felt incredibly tingly and I started feeling sick and cold. Then the OBE experience ended and I got in to a dream. I open my eyes to see a man pulling a door out of mother room. I look at him as he leaves and walks down stairs. I was already lucid again and then another strange feeling happen to me again and I started to pop out of my DC's body and started flying but it felt like someone else was controlling me as I glided through the air to this constructive broken building. I landed down and just look at the sky. I could tell it was the afternoon judging from the sky appearance. Then this kid riding his bike stop near me and ask a question, who lives up there? I look at him and yelled hey! I ask him could he hear me? I yelled hey two more times but he seem like he could not hear or see me. I decided to give up and enter the building. I flew up the stairs and tried to get to the main door. I had this strong urge like I was meant to be here at this very moment. That's when a man called out to me saying I have to leave.

      Before I had the chance to say can he see me? I instantly knew this building was about to blow up. I flew and grab him while we both hid in the back corner as it all collapse on itself. That's when the man said thanks and I decided to phase through the wall and fly off in to the now grey rainy sky. My head felt so amazing, I couldn't help but feel like moving a lot. Finally I had the time to think for myself and enjoy flying. I was happy, I finally had my first OBE experience as I spun around in the LD. After 4 minutes of being in the sky my body began to once again feel this feeling I had no words to describe and then everything went pitch black. It's like I am dying, that's when I see myself lucid falling and falling in this place completely shrouded in clouds. Finally after a minute of falling it stop and I began to have wings for some reason on my back and began lifting up slowly. Why is this happening I said again? After three or two minutes of floating up I drop down so incredibly fast, I started to see fire and heard screams. The drop felt so intense I lost consciousness. As I finally began to regain awareness I found myself tied up in a chair. I could tell I was in the living room however all the lights were off and this feeling again was present. I became lucid due to it and started asking when am I going to wake up? Then this voice said did I deserve it? I ask what's going on? This beast came out from the shadows and told me for me the pass weeks I have done horrible things to people. I analyze it and to me it looks like satan. I ask why bring that up? It ignores this and ask me why am I full of hate? I told it who ever said I had hatred? It begins by telling me it knows how my mind works. It tells me from knowing me I hate every single person on the planet. I laugh and said are you kidding me? I am talking to some random satan, I am lock in my own dream and have to deal with this? I don't have to justify my actions, why don't you take these ropes off me and fight so I can kill you and leave this place already. The suppose satan became angry as he summons this disfigure creature approach me and began punching me in the face constantly. While I was getting beat up the satan look at me and left. This damn creature was not going to stop punching me and eventually I black out and lost consciousness. I eventually then found myself in the garage, the lights were on and I felt a little easy now as if I had more control now. I see two people that are dead and I place both of them on a stand and left them there. I became lucid again and saw a lot of huge dolls place all over the garage. I look at them as I tried to count how many were there. That's when my finger hit this girl on her forehead and I quickly realize she was no doll. She seem frighten, that's when my consciousness became dizzy and I began to leave the dream. I found myself once again cover in darkness as I tried to find a way out. That's when I finally felt a sense of a physical part in the darkness. They were my eyes, I tried to open them and after some effort I manage open them as it strives to make me lose the sense of them. But I gain consciousness again was awake this time. Lucidity Time: 51 minutes
    11. Side Walks to Living Room OST + DILD

      by , 08-09-2014 at 12:39 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      It was night, I was walking on a street near some grocery stores and electronics as I wanted to spend some of the money I had when I began to realize most if not all stores were unavailable and that the lights were all off. The strange thing about it though was that 1 of the doors were open so I decided to enter it but quickly realize no one was inside. I left the building and continue walking on the sidewalk when suddenly I heard someone yelled zombie apocalypse and once I turn around a zombie was nibbling all over my hand and crutching my fingers. My reaction when I saw this instantly made me become lucid, I quickly said I should've never watch that movie as it brought me in this situation. That's when a FA happen which made me lost lucidity. Another dream happens where I wake up and was searching for my dream journal to write it down but could not find it. However I forgot about it when I realize my flight plane was coming up again so I could meet up with my parents. I was about to miss it so I hurry up but was stop by two guys who seem like they wanted to ask me a couple of questions. They ask me if I had an electronic I responded yes and show them this blue handheld that I didn't recognize too well. The two guys began talking about different type of handhelds and which were better. That's when I began quickly packing my stuff in a case, they notice that I was in a hurry and ask if I was leaving. I told them yes I had to get on a plane and that's when I realize I was forgetting my brother. I ran and quickly left the unknown hotel to where I found Father room out in the open of a road. I open the door and saw a woman dress like a soldier watching tv, I told her she had to get going and if she could help me find my brother. That's when I notice a machine gun in her hands so I approach her slowly trying to show that I was not a threat and needed her insistence on this. She agreed as we continue to leave the room where now the road change in to the living room. I saw my brother and told him we had to hurry as we're about to miss our only flight left for today. But before I could continue to set my intentions on running I woke up.

      I wake up in another dream where I quickly realize I was poison as I heard some person in my head telling me all the people who got in contact at that area will die. My Father came in the room and I could hardly move, I try to yell his name but my voice was so weak. I tried yelling for a couple more times but he couldn't hear me as when I would yell it would come out as a whisper. My Father then left as the poison was feeling stronger, I began panicking and force myself to get up and had a very difficult time walking. I manage to get to the bathroom and saw my face. Everything was wobbling so I open the door in to the living room where I saw these two old women. I told them I needed help and to get me to a hospital however the two old women didn't do anything and one began laughing saying that's my life 24/7 so atleast you get to feel how it is now. This anger me so I began running with ease toward them and began choking the one that laugh about me dying telling her if I'm as good as dead then you're coming with me. But before I could finish her I fell down as the poison was too overwhelming , I began crawling on the ground till I didn't have enough energy to do that. I pass out and woke up. Lucidity Time 2 seconds

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