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    Nonlucids - September 10

    , 09-10-2018 at 07:40 PM (202 Views)
    Sep 10 2018

    I tried to remember my dreams by color coding them in order of ROY G BIV.
    Red -- I memorized the letters MC, for both Minecraft and Main Character (don't remember why for this part). I vividly remember being on a sort of platformer stage made up of blocks. I was walking back and forth and talking to DCs, but walking a thin line either way as I did it. Finally I jumped too far and one of the blocks gave out. I almost fell but somehow "reset" myself. I remember there being cliffs behind me and some long grass or vines/ivy. The sky or "background" was orange.

    Blue -- don't remember, but remember I tried to associate it with something.

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