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    Thread: Welcome to the Lucid Dreaming Book Club!

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      Welcome to the Lucid Dreaming Book Club!

      Welcome to Dream View's Lucid Dreaming Book Club. We're glad you're here!

      How it works:

      Every ~2 months we vote on a new book selection to read with the group. The books that get put in the voting booth come from our Suggestion Thread. If you have a book you would like the book club to read, post it in the Suggestion Thread! After that, the suggestions go to a voting booth thread and we will vote for 1 week. The winner becomes our next selection!

      Any book related to dreaming is allowed to be entered into the suggestion thread. It can be about lucid dreaming, non-lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, astral projection, out of body experiences, Tibetan Yoga, shamanic dream work, fictions with dreaming themes, and even books on dream-related psychology (such as Jung or Freud). If you are not sure, just ask in the suggestion thread.

      Once selected, I will post a thread with links to various ways to acquire the book/ebook/audiobook. I try to find links to library sites where you can get a copy for free (potentially). We will read the book over the next two months. While reading, please feel free to post updates of your thoughts on the book. If it is a fiction, we ask that you use spoiler tags [Click Reply, Go Advanced, then clink the box within a box icon. Type in the title for your spoiler, then hit OK. After that, you will write your post].

      Example of spoiler tag use for the Book Club:

      Spoiler for Chapter 3:

      For non-fiction books, you do not have to use spoiler tags. It does help, however, to post the chapter you are referring to.

      Additionally, after the 2 months are over, members are welcome and encouraged to continue posting in old book club threads, if they would like. Everyone reads at their own pace, or maybe you just had some new insight about one of the books. That's okay!

      That's it. Happy reading!!
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