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    Thread: Oculus DILD Workbook

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      Oculus DILD Workbook

      Hello I'm Slim Manachou From Tunisia i'm 20 years and i started to learning a lucid dream since 4 days ago *sorry my english is very bad * but i speak two language perfect ( FRENCH - ARABIC)

      RC's :

      -I counted my fingers ( Two Hands) ( 10 times - 20 times )
      -I use mantras before RC's and before bed ( since 4 days ago )
      -holding my nose and try to breathe ( 10 times - 20 times )

      DJ :

      I have a dream journal, and copy my dreams into my pc And check it everyday
      i have 14 dreams since 11 days ago (24 july 2014) but when i started to training a lucid dream i dont dream or maybe i dont remember them

      Others things:

      -watching videos (Stephen LaBerge) about LD and checking the forum also reading pdf books before sleeping

      Problems :

      when i started to training a lucid dream i dont dream or maybe i dont remember them

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      Welcome Slim / Oculus! I am sure you are still dreaming, it is just a matter of getting back to recalling them. You can use a recall mantra like "I lay still and recall my dreams when I wake"...Or something similar. When you wake up, do your best to remember to lay still with your eyes closed and ask yourself "What was I just dreaming?" I would definitely put a little more focus back into recall while you continue with your RCs. Let me know if you have any questions about recall or anything else.

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