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    Thread: Importance of setting alarm while taking a nap

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      Importance of setting alarm while taking a nap

      So, I'm attending a school, and recently had a free period, in which I chose to go dreaming. It went well, my roommate was also free, and I thought that he would take care of the alarm, because it is his.

      I feel asleep quickly, but I had a lot of false awakenings, and real awakenings where I had to check the clock to see if I was late. That didn't happen last week where I set the alarm. I reckon that setting an alarm myself would have made it easier for me to have a peaceful sleep. Do you think I'm right?

      P.S my roommate did have an alarm, a nice a peaceful piano piece, so he was trustful.
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      That's possibly true. The fact that you are 100% certain that the alarm will go off might help you sleep better. But of course there are other factors.
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