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    Thread: Physics Simulation

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      Physics Simulation

      One of the things I was interested in doing in a dream is rewriting the Laws of Physics. Now, before you get started and say 'Well that's easy just make a rock float or something', know more specifically what I mean. Is it possible to design rules for an entire system to follow. Can you change things around in a way that affects all the objects in the dream? I'm interested in doing things like making water lighter than air, or causing gravity to be dependent on color rather than mass, but I don't know if my mind can even sustain the kind of complexity needed to accomplish any of this. Please let me know what you think, and if you have any personal experience, shoot me a PM.

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      Eh, I have done that kind of thing for my own world. Its been following those rules for several years already so I think its possible.
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      Yes, you can! Creating your own alternate-physics universe would be the way to go to do this. Check out BillyBob's awesome thread on lucid dreaming and universes.
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      Quote Originally Posted by DinoSawr View Post
      Yes, you can! Creating your own alternate-physics universe would be the way to go to do this. Check out BillyBob's awesome thread on lucid dreaming and universes.
      This is what I was referring to in his introductory thread. Not to temporarily circumvent a law of physics, but to have the whole system obey a different set of laws. And indeed, the easiest way is to use an already designed alternate universe where such things are possible within the system.

      Kogami, design a universe operating on laws of your choice, and then implement it. I find it easier to design outside of the dream world, qualify it with a name, and then materialise it when inside. For instance, if the effect of gravity was contingent upon colour, then envision at least how particular colours acted as different degrees of mass.

      Have you been lucid dreaming for a while btw or..? If not, then try to never doubt a possibility. Because that mere doubt makes it a certain impossibility.
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      Here's the crazy condundrum in all this: If you want to create an entirely new system of physics, you'll likely fail.


      Because if you enter into a dream with the intention of attaching a new system of physics, you'll likely be dragging along your old system of physics with you in the process. So, any attempt you make to install a new system will likely be trumped by your existing expectations of what the physics are supposed to be. in other words, while you're striving to create a new system of physics, some part of you will be constantly saying, "Is this really the way it should be?" And you'll find yourself questioning the physics of every system you invent by inadvertently attaching the physics you know to the physics you want to invent.

      It might be better to abandon any interest in systems of physics, or altering reality as you know it, and focus instead on simply experiencing something different. Physics do not exist in dream; "reality" in dreams is driven by nothing more than your own expectations and imagination. So, just sit back and expect nothing, and the systems will design themselves in ways you would never have "expected."

      In other words, don't attempt to rewrite physics. Just walk away from the laws, and watch as they rewrite themselves...
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