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    Thread: Difficulty with controlling lucidity

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      Difficulty with controlling lucidity

      This week I've had several dreams in which I realize I'm dreaming but it's fleeting and doesn't allow me the control from a full on LD.
      For example, I was walking through a grocery store and there was a topless lady with no nipples. I thought, "well, this is a dream and anything can happen." And went on with my dream.

      I also was playing with some little girl who idk IRL but I loved her dearly. I told her, "this is a dream so we can do whatever we want. Let's fly!" So we hovered over to my grandparents house and continued the dream.

      Last night my husband and I were atop a high Las Vegas sign. We were hovering out to the side, held up only by one of his hands grabbing the sign. His hand slipped and we fell towards the ground. I knew it was a dream and I was waiting for my dream self to realize it was a dream because I almost always become lucid when scary things happen and I'm about to die. We stopped falling just before we hit the ground and I thought, "I guess I didn't realize it was a dream". Then continued with my dream.

      So it feels like I am conscious enough to know I'm dreaming but my dream self doesn't, if that makes sense. And even though I know I'm dreaming I'm unable to control my dream self and surroundings enough to even do a RC.
      To clarify, I have had LDs that I can control and I have been able to do RCs in my dreams. I just don't understand why these ones are different and I don't know how to fix it.
      Thanks in advance!

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      You and your Dream Self are the same person. It might sometimes seem that memories of dreams lucid or not seem as if it was another person's memory. Yet it is caused mostly by fact that our body and brain are partially asleep

      Those dreams you described might be not an actual lucid dreams
      I would call them maybe something like fake lucidity.
      You've trained yourself that whenever something weird happens then it might mean that your dreaming. Yet maybe this technique starts to become mindless habit?
      During your practices you should be mindful (Maybe aswell aware of what you are doing and why?)

      Maybe you just need to be more mindful during your practices.
      Since this habit might be becoming something like this:
      ...Seeing Flying Monkey...
      ...Oh it must be a dream since it's impossible for monkey to fly...
      ...Continue on with the dream plot?...

      Whenever something weird happens you should train yourself to stop and pay attention to that and become mindful of what it could mean?
      Since habit already made it's way into your dreams rewriting it might work aswell.
      Aka changing the way you'd behave when seeing something weird by practicing till you will eventually start acting like you should.
      Either through real world experience or by daydreaming or visualizing.

      - Goodluck
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