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    Thread: I have a problem using doors?

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      I have a problem using doors?

      So it's on and off but sometimes when I don't want to teleport, like I'll be at my school and want to open a door that leads to a classroom, sometimes I will just teleport a different landscape.. But sometimes it will be the right place, is it because I'm not telling myself it will be the place I want it to be? Also another question while I'm at it, how do you guys summon people I have trouble trying.

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      Easy.. just kick them in. And if you want to gather people, just point up in the air and say, look LOOK!! And all the dream-people will gather around you and scratch their little dream-heads in utter confusion about what they are looking or not looking at. And when you gathered enough dream-people around you, then you can start the dream-party that you asked for.
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      Thats the thing about the dreamworld, sometimes it can be inconsistent. The way to control this is to work on your Dream Control, and keep your expectations clear. A good way to control your dream from that random crap is by being really aware and focused on what you want to do. A well known technique to really gaining full domination in the dream is by working hand in hand with your subconscious. For instance, since you want to summon people, you can work with your subconscious a certain way and it will come through. The way you do that, is by creating certain scenarios or by realizing certain things. Say your trying to summon a hot babe(or hot guy in your case) you can trick your mind by saying/thinking something like this:
      "Oh yeah thats right, he/she will be in this room because thats where they live".
      Of course there are countless other ways you can do it, but the key is to find the right thing to expect, and it has to fit wherever you are. If you're in a store, you'd say something like, "Oh I remember now, he/she works here so I can find them here." Once you really get full dream control, you can just summon things straight up with no problems, but that requires a strong belief in yourself.
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      I suck in gateways!

      In my 100 tries, 1 success, 1 success with bad place, 98 fails... So you are not that bad eh?

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      Lol, it literally sounds you have an OCD where it not dreamviews :

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