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    Thread: The Void

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      The Void

      Many times when a dream becomes too unstable and 'falls apart', I find myself in the void. The void is simply just black nothingness, what I think is often behind the dream , and it's often hard to stay lucid in this place, or in this state.
      I was wondering what experiences everyone has had in this place when the dream falls apart and you stay dreaming! But mainly, I'm posting for any known methods for getting back into a dreamscape from nothingness.
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      Imagine a dreamscape appearing and one should appear.
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      In my last lucid dream, right after I became aware that I was dreaming everything got really dark and fuzzy. Everything kept getting darker and darker until It became pitch black and I found myself in this sort of "void". I knew I was about to wake up so I tried shouting "Give me clarity" And the dream lit up again and I found myself on a mountain. So i guess the next time this happens, try shouting "Give me clarity". That's all the advice I have for you. Good luck

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      I love the void. It became a bridge for me instead of waking up, when a dream faded I came to know that it didn't have to be over. I usually don't rush out of the void and many times I find it a great place to think, go over the previous lucid dream in my head to keep it fresh in my memory and recall my goals. You can rub your hands together and say "I'm dreaming" and keep moving in some way in order to stay lucid. Like Dolphin suggested, imagining a new scene is very effective, especially if you throw in a sense that you can imagine well. For me, I like to imagine the sound of the ocean in order to arrive on the beach. I often end up in the ocean but close to shore and just swim or fly to shore, but two nights ago I instead explored the ocean depths and had quite a surreal experience.

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      I've encountered it a few times. Usually I just try to relax and get my senses involved: Try to look around for a tiny glimmer of light, get up and walk around, get down and try to feel the floor, rub my hands together, talk or tap my ears to produce sound, etc., and just kind of be patient. A lot of times, if I simply ignore the problem (my favorite technique for getting rid of problems in dreams—too bad it doesn't work well in waking life ) and wait a few moments, a new dream scene eventually appears and I can keep going.
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      I know exactly what you mean. It's like a state between dreams, just the pure state of sleeping. Very interesting one actually!
      As people above suggested, when you imagine some scenery it would most likely appear as a new dream scene. I did that once and I even saw how the dream world was bit by bit created, first some shapes, colors, details etc. It's not that hard to get into this state by will. I often do that by starting a meditation during a dream. It's a great example how your mind is controlling the whole world. Just try to relax and think of nothing in the dream and you'll see.
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      If you feel like it, please take a look at my YouTube channel:
      If you don't, hm well have a nice day anyway ^_^

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      Been in the void a few times. My advice is to not try to fly in it and instead just run straight in one direction. Flying in the void is more like floating around or hovering just above the ground its weird and doesn't work well there. I see it as more like a flat plane you need to just run along it to get out. I've read about some other tricks that may work, one is spinning around with your arms out and another is letting yourself fall backwards into a dream. And another one is to simply imagine a dream scene behind you then turn around and it should be there.

      Good luck!
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