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    Thread: Lucid Dreaming Skill Tree

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      Lucid Dreaming Skill Tree

      Just something I want to share how to “train” dream control.

      As a gamer, I was always fascinated with your character progression via skill trees or something similar. It is showing how your character is getting stronger and better. Lucid dreaming was perfect to use this kind of progression on me for all kinds of different skills - in dreams of course.

      I created this Lucid dreaming skill tree https://imgur.com/gallery/LUHg3DD to improve my dream control and also to improve my lucid dreaming experience.

      How it “works”?

      It starts with giving yourself a quest. This means that you need to specify what you are going to do in your LD before you go to sleep.
      Example for beginners: I will fly for at least 5 seconds. - Completing this quest gives you 1 point in category Movement -> Flying
      To give myself a point, I colored the circle below the icon with light blue color. When I filled all 5 circles with a light blue color, I repainted them with next-level color. Colors are in the cloud of the sleeping icon in the middle. But you can give yourself in a different way.

      Giving yourself a quest helps you with focusing on that thing you are going to do when you start LD. As you know the intention to do something is very powerful while obtaining LD. You can also imagine how you are going to do it before you go to sleep.

      I never had more than 3 “active” quest. Don’t clutter your mind with too many objectives. However, you can have a quest with 2 goals.
      Example: While flying I will shoot fireballs from my hands. - Completing this will give you one point in Movement -> Flying and one point in Magic -> Fire

      LD Skill Tree:
      In the middle, we have passive skills. These skills are essential for lucid dreaming. Below is a quick overview of skills. It does not tell you how to do it, just what you can do.
      Stabilization - You need to stabilize your LD or else you will lose it.
      Self-control - Remain calm and stay present in LD
      Exploration - Explore an environment around you without changing it
      Waking from LD - Wake up when you end your LD to keep your memory of dreams fresh.

      Category Movement:
      Flying - Fly through the sky
      Through wall - Go through the wall
      Fast movement - Move beyond “human” speed
      Teleport - Go from point A to B in an instant

      Category Magic:
      Fire, Water, Earth, Air - Control these elements
      Summon item - Summon specific item. Maybe a car or just a stick
      Telekinesis - move objects with your mind
      Summon animal - Summon specific animal

      Category Changes:
      Weather - from a sunny day to the rainy day
      Gravity - play with gravity. See how other objects will move with it
      Time dilation - Slow down time, or speed it up
      Shapeshifting - Change the shape of your body, or become an animal of your choosing

      Category Human:
      Summon character - summon specific person. Maybe a dead relative or your favorite movie star
      Conversation - Speak with dream characters
      Mind control - Control fellow DC with your mid

      Category Playing:
      Play an instrument - Summon a guitar and start playing it
      Play a sport - Be a part of your favorite sport team
      Create music - Create music out of thin air

      Category Other:
      Sex - yes you can “do” it
      Travel - go to your favorite destination or an imaginary one
      Create an environment - Create landscape, from rivers to mountains
      Talk to the subconscious - Talk with your mind, see that it tells you
      Talk to animal - Ever talked to a horse? Try it.

      Category Story:
      Follow a story - just follow a story that is happening
      Create a story - create your own story
      Relive a memory - relive your favorite memories
      Timetravel - travel back in time to see the pyramids… or into the future

      There are probably also other things you can do.
      I still didn’t do all the things but it helped me a lot when trying to control my LD.

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      I like it. It's helpful to find something that resonates with you and works for you. Nice thinking!

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      I really like these ideas you present, especially the quest thing, and makes me want to brew something of my own!
      Singled out from some of my favourite quotes from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri: "Risks of [Planet] flowering: considerable. But rewards of godhood: who can measure? - Usurper Judaa'Maar: Courage: to question."

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      some of my suggestions--
      Category: hax
      hypnotize someone
      warp the nature of reality
      time travel
      use toon force
      manipulate matter like it is data

      Category: possible irl but rare
      see music as colors
      become a savant in a topic
      be colorbind
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