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    Thread: Beyond Dream Control: Analysis of Process Over Content

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      Lightbulb Beyond Dream Control: Analysis of Process Over Content

      Imagine you lucid dreamed every night for hundreds of years. Would you run out of things to do that you find fulfilling? Just like with life wouldn't being king of everything get boring? What else is there than having unlimited power with in dreams? There is the entire process of dreaming left to understand! That process relates to the underpinnings of having existence. This thread is about more than dream control. While doing these things will give you increased dream control it is also a message to go beyond modifying content and rudimentary understanding. It is about developing understanding of the subtle parts of your mind most people refer to as subconscious. As well as understanding what it means to be the one that has experience.

      This is about a shift in perspective. There is no magic pill you can pull out of your pocket, magic glasses you can put on, or any amount of imagination that can make you attain analysis of the process of dreaming. It is as simple as being mindful while you dream. While you are going through the motions of doing all those other things you also should remain mindful of what you are feeling, thinking, your expectations, where your awareness is, and how what you identify with effects your dreams. When you journal and mentally record your dreams focus on the process just as you would the content. What expectations and biases could be felt then and what ones can you feel now upon reflection?

      When you dream do you see a first person perspective from your own body? Do you always identify that body as yourself? I have been practicing analysis of process for years. When I dream I can take any perspective, I see third person and first person at the same time. I am aware of what the trees around me are experiencing, what my dream characters are experiencing, what they are thinking, and how they understand me in the same ways. Because all of these things are made up of the mind I wield. Every element in your dream is made up of the mind. It's entire form is of mind. Your awareness doesn't have to be tied to a single perspective. It can take on awareness of the whole mind at once. In doing so you transcend perspective and gain insight into your expectations, fears, biases, and faculties as an observer.

      This is one of those things that is both simple and extremely hard. To make your self better at analyzing process you simply have to practice mindfulness in waking life, so that it follows you into dreaming life. In doing so you will often find yourself spontaneously lucid in your dreams. Reaching the point that the mindfulness is strong enough that there isn't an ongoing in your mind that is missed, that is hard; that happens with practice. Practice mindfulness meditation and there won't be a moment that you don't know the why and how in your dreams.

      Dream yoga tell us there are 3 types of dreams someone can find themselves in:

      Samsaric dreams. These dreams are where content is born of biases and habits. These biases and habits are what is called karma. The terms biases and habits don't cover the full breadth of karma, but it is a useful way to understand karma if you've never been exposed to its depths. Samsaric dreams are the majority of dreams a person will have in their life. Even your most lucid dreams are generally going to be samsaric. These dreams are ripe for process analysis.

      Dreams of clarity. These are dreams where karma influences things very little, but there is still a lot of content going on. These dreams provide spiritual insight and where meaning beyond mental habits happens. Analyzing process over content will increase the frequency of dreams of clarity.

      Lastly we have dreams of clear light. These are dreams (almost always) with out content and frequently with out mind. They always happen in place that is pure white light, that can be seen through. Sometimes spatial perception evaporates and the ability to perceive the white light along with it. Generally there is no identified body in these dreams, merely existence. Analyzing process makes these more common. In my life I have had 5 dreams of clear light. 1 with content and with mind. 2 with out content but with mind, and 2 with out content or mind. I still have dreams of the other 2 kinds most nights. I also occasionally have sleep that is only non rem sleep where I become fully rested in about 4 hours. I can do these things because I practice mindfulness in waking life and dreams. Because I analyze process and pay little mind to content. I still sometimes enjoy being king of everything and having absolute power with in dreams. I also frequently find that experience to be lacking in importance. This is about driving the mind with intention, and not riding in it while it drives you around. Ultimately it leads to the ability to detach from mind, maintain memory, and be aware.

      Here is a gem learned from process analysis: Lucid dreams are made up of awareness, memory, and imagined forms in the mind. When we dream awareness and memory are suppressed. When we are lucid we have a short term memory that we are dreaming but it doesn't have to have increased awareness or increased memory beyond remembering we are dreaming. When we journal and reflect on dreams we build up longer term memory with in the state of dreaming. We can have strong awareness with out the other things. We can have awareness of every element of the dream, but no memory of it or lucidity that we were dreaming. Generally the awareness will spark strong memory and lucidity, but it doesn't have to follow. When we analyze process we are also training stronger memory and awareness in our dreams, and not after the fact like journaling or reflection on the dreams. Because of this we become better dreamers much faster when we focus on process.

      If this information sparks curiosity with in you to know more, ask it. There are certain types of content modification you can do that help bridge the gap between content and process. Like modifying perspective and identity. "Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man." ~Zhuangzi
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      How do you recommend practicing mindfulness during the day? Do you recommend simply trying to observe anything related to the present moment without judgement or do you recommend something more specific than that?
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      Quote Originally Posted by dolphin View Post
      How do you recommend practicing mindfulness during the day? Do you recommend simply trying to observe anything related to the present moment without judgement or do you recommend something more specific than that?
      I made a thread in the meditation sub forum that is important to practice: https://www.dreamviews.com/meditatio...eam-sleep.html
      There are several kinds of meditation that make a good base for having this level of mindfulness in dreams. Calm abiding is the first and most important foundational base. I will be making more posts on the meditation sub forum of specific meditations included in the Tibetan Book of Dreams and Sleep designed to build this base up.
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