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    Thread: How many of you can instantly teleport with no gradual scene change and without using doors/portals?

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      How many of you can instantly teleport with no gradual scene change and without using doors/portals?

      I was thinking about this and wondering how hard it is, and to what extent the best lucid dreamers can completely change a scene really fast, or "teleport" if you will. No doors, no portals, no turning around, but simply going where you want to go as fast as a movie cuts to a different scene. Is it possible?
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      I can. It is pretty advanced though. I think I was 20 years into the art before it became second nature.
      If you are interested I give this advice: it is really just about changing the picture projected by your mind, give up the idea that you are traveling. Start with these simpler things. Can you change a dog into a cat or a plate of food into a book? It is the same thing on a smaller scale. Practice erasing only a small part of your visuals. It is all an image like on a tv screen. Look at something like someone’s face and practice making it blur into a blank spot in the scene.
      In the end instant teleportation is simply erasing the entire screen and creating a new image.
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