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      Fun Games to play*

      1. Form Change games: green slime, snake games, worm games, becoming waves, growing fur, form melting, becoming planets, blobs, stretching arms, becoming puddles.

      2. Adding and Subtracting Heads, Arms, Legs, Fingers game.

      3. Cheshire Cat games: dropping off form until only the smile remains.

      4. Slinky game: boing-boing spring

      5. Becoming Star Bodies game: star-filled bodies

      6. Becoming Very Old game: wrinkles, brown, gray, crumbling to dust.

      7. Becoming Very Ugly game: see who can be the ugliest.

      8. Snap game: snapping people into different spaces.

      9. Upscaling/Downscaling games: follow the leader.

      10. Gross-out games: room gets filled with rising shit, cannibalism, disease games, diseases are transmitted, body rot game.

      11. Stubborness games: last one to stop being a rock.

      12. Sliding Down Razor Blade game.

      13. Revenge games: throw someone into dream world making them work thousands of lifetimes to climb back up, then throw them down again just as they upscale.

      14. Disappearing games: hide and seek.

      15. Seance games: bringing famous people forms into the room.

      16. T.V. games: put the group entertainer "in the screen" and make them perform.

      17. Weather games: temperature changes, rain from ceiling, coldness.

      18. Balling games: everyone becomes a crystal ball filled with stars.

      19. Tilting Room game: also, shrinking room, up-side-down room, no air in room, disappearing into walls.

      20,Muffing games: walls are encrusted with crud.

      21. Reminiscence game: everyone takes on different masks.

      22. Holocaust games: roomspace blows up in everyone's face.

      23. Everybody Becomes the Same game: everyone becomes the same form or personality, then try to form relationships.

      24.Great Drama games: re-enacting great dramas.

      25. Pain and Torture games.

      26. Violence games.

      27. Embarrassing Moments games: re-enacting most embarrassing moments in various dream lives.

      28. I Don't Know game: everyone forgets truth, then seeks one who knows.

      29. All Alone games: continual dwelling on being All-one, alone.

      30. I Know Something You Don't Know game.

      31. Jealousy games: musical chairs relationships.

      32. Games of Scale: from atom to universe and back again.

      33. Bouncing Around Walls game.

      34. Making One Wall of Room into a Window, Scary Forms Appear at Window game.

      35. Deformities game: lumpy funny bodies.

      36. Harmony games: being chords, pure notes.

      37. Beautiful Light Pattern games: being most beautiful, powerful, etc., light pattern.

      38. Aesthetic games: making most beautiful things.

      39. Perfection games: being most perfect for longest time.

      40. Being Food games: last to get eaten wins; who is being the Thanksgivng turkey?

      41. Explanation games.

      42. Finding New Unexplored Space game.

      43. Psychology games: complex, simple, etc.

      44. Being Afraid games.

      45. Discovering New Life Forms games.

      46. Being Tired Of Games game.

      47. Crack In The Cosmic Egg game: room begins to split apart.

      48. Machine games: becoming parts of machines, computers, computers in chest.

      49.Shatter games: explosion games.

      50. Speeding up/Slowing down games.

      51. Entrapment games: spider web spaces.

      52. Perpetual Entertainment Machine game: TV screen on one wall and you snap someone into it, forcing them to tap-dance forever.

      53. Let's get One Thing From Out There Into Here game.

      54. Tweak the Room Slightly Out of Alignment game.

      55. Beauty and the Beast games: the most beautiful colors, sounds, creations,textures, etc. and then the most ugly, disgusting, horrid colors, sounds, creations, etc.

      56. Mischief games: froggy, hit someone as though the one next to them did it, etc.

      57. Strip Poker game: dismantling limbs instead of clothes, and then pretending you forgot how to do it.

      58. Dread games: any moment now the worst possible thing is about to happen- many variations on this theme.

      59. Alien Planet/Galaxy Contact games: pretending you don't know anything about TX-17; making incredible efforts to contact them. And when you do have the tremendous task of deciphering their language, understanding their history, etc.

      There's lots of pretend games where you agree to blot out your knowledge/ experience about a certain period in Earth history or pretend not to remember anything about being exiled to Selusa Secundus, etc. and it becomes very important/urgent to explore that. But there's always some asshole in the room who, right when the game is culminating and all the eons of exploration and work are about to pay off, rolls all over the floor yuk-yukking, slapping his thigh and blowing the whole number.

      That is also another version of the No Satisfaction, No Rewards game, which usually leads to the Crucifixion games, which usually leads to the Great Religions of the World games which lead into the Great Saints, Martyrs, etc. games, which lead into the Sodom and Gomorrah games which lead into the Puritan-Persecution games which lead into the Barf games (just to break the pattern) which lead into the Science and Scientists games, which lead into the Great Political and Historical Figures (and their defamation) games, at which point, the same asshole who won't let anyone else play their games wants to play WAR.

      At this point, he gets sent plummeting back, screaming and cursing, to the accompanying jeers and cheers of his fellow roommates, to the trilobite stage. All the rest rock-out and wait for his return. Just as he sets his fingers on the edge of the floor and is about to haul himself back into his home-room after eons of agonizing evolution, they freak him out so badly that he plummets back to the algae stage. And so on, ad infinitum.

      60. Kings and Queens at Court games: ritualistic games with strange twists and innovative patterns and customs.

      61. Medieval Torture games: guillotine, rack, cat o' nine tails.

      62. Tag games and variations upon.

      63. Competitions: the most ugly, beautiful, fastest, slowest, strangest, grotesque, ethereal (most anything--or nothing).

      64. Skull-out, Puddle-out, Slime-out games.

      65. Enchantment games: a version of Snap where you use music, images, etc. to try to mesmerize the others.

      66. Power games: you're in my power/I'm in your power,

      67. Home Movies game: what I did during my summer vacation.

      68. Nostalgia games: those were the good ol' days---remember when....

      69. God and Goddesses games: Zap! I'm Zeus! Poof! I'm Apollo!

      70. Artisans game: look what I just made!

      71. Evolve/Devolve games: tail-brain duty in a brontosaurus.

      72. Sports games: people become a ball, hoop, puck, etc.

      73. Take-it Way-out games: essentially how close to the "edge" can you go? See how long you can hang out with "uh-oh sensations."

      74. High-sensation games.

      *from AMERICAN BOOK OF THE DEAD Appendix B: Labyrinth Games by E.J. Gold

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      Wow, quite a lengthy list. Some of those do sound pretty fun, though there are some that are pretty... random.
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      So wait, this book is about stuff to do when dead? XD

      Quote Originally Posted by OldSparta
      I murdered someone, there was bloody everywhere. On the walls, on my hands. The air smelled metallic, like iron. My mouth... tasted metallic, like iron. The floor was metallic, probably iron

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      Quote Originally Posted by Abra View Post
      So wait, this book is about stuff to do when dead? XD
      At first it seems that that is what the book is about. But basically it is about what to do whenever you leave body space. Such as dreaming. It is a pretty far out book written by a spiritual teacher and a science fiction writer (not L. Ron Hubbard!) It is part tongue in cheek but also seriuos at the same time. It has signs to look for that you might be dead. Some of them are funny, like: if you go from the kitchen into the living room and back into the kitchen over and over again. I think I will post these examples in a bit just for fun.

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      Here is the link to another post from that book: http://www.dreamviews.com/community/...013#post806013

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      Nice list!
      I like numbers 10,19 & 57 the most.

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