With my bad dream recall I was lucky, because I had some dreams this week and I remembered them. If you need some details just ask me. Thanks!

First part of dream occured in my high school with my actual classmates, but I have no idea what it was about. Second part was more interesting. I was sitting in living room with my parents and siblings, when suddenly there came alien invasion (notes: I don't believe in aliens and don't play sci-fi games or any games, where would be aliens (just details that the aliens probably mean something)). The aliens looked like those small things from Half Life (never played it). However they didn't attack people, they attacked technology - cellphones, computers, laptops etc. I was at first recording one for half a minute with my cellphone, then run upstairs and grabbed all the technology I saw (laptop and 3 cellphones, no idea where there happened to be 3 of them) and run away.

Well, again I don't remember enough details about dream, only one part where I was waiting in line of people for food in canteen, when somebody tried to go before me in that line, I didn't let her (I wouldn't let her even if I met her in real life, I know who she is, she is student from other class on my high school).

This consisted of two parts, ironically I remember worse the second part. First part was about me being one of students in class consisting of people I don't know at all (or at least don't remember) with teacher I don't know neither. The teacher had some kind of problem. She was evil. She was evil and wanted to trap every student (except one which has to do this) in dream (or dreams, I don't know if those were personal dreams or one giant shared dream). I don't know how did I find out about it, I wasn't there when they (teacher and student, which has to do it) were talking about it. But when I found out that the student was around me, my parents and my siblings for too long, I found out - I was in dream! However I wasn't lucid. I tried to say it to my parents, to my siblings, but they didn't want to accept it or something, they probably ignored it. I wasn't going to sleep or waking up from this dream within dream.
Second part was really short, but all I can remember was, that I had this weird mustache. I don't have mustaches, so it was weird experience for me. It looked like mexican mariachi's mustache (note - I don't know anybody from Mexico). Then I woke up, and found out that I had dream about having mustache.