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      2 lucid dreams in one week

      I had my first LD sonday night using fild, and just a couple minutes ago I woke up from a dild. I think the reason I had a dild last night is because I was reading about lucid dreaming a lot last night. I was thinking about LDing last night before I went to bed too. I am mmad because as soon as I was about to try to fly out of my window, the shower woke me up. Not sure who got in the shower, but now I'm mad that I didn't get to fly out my window. I can remember how the dream started, but not how I became lucid.
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      It's unfortunate that you were woken up. I'm sure you'll have other chances to fly out your window in the future, though.
      If you practice good dream recall and continue to think about your dreams during the day, you should eventually remember each part of the dream, even right when you become lucid.
      We all live in a kind of continuous dream. When we wake, it is because something,
      some event, some pinprick even, disturbs the edges of what we have taken as reality.


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      you say that u have had 8 dream exit induced well i used to be able to blink my eues in a dream on purpose and i woke up until one night one of my dc's grabbed me and stopped me from waking it was weird

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