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    Thread: Woke up in tears, having a hard time shaking it.

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      Woke up in tears, having a hard time shaking it.

      This is my first post here. I ended up here after searching for "waking up crying" on google. Figured I would post.

      So, this is weird. I woke up a little less than an hour ago in full on tears.
      I was not crying or upset in my dream, in fact it was a very good feeling. When I woke up and realized what I had just experienced I felt very sad and had tears running down my face.

      I believe this dream was part of a past life of mine. I often have dreams of things, times and places that are very familiar to me, but are not part of my waking life ever. Usually the places and imagery are the same but the context of the dream is different.

      So here is the dream that I had. Any input on this would be great.

      Most of my dreams occur in what seems like a post apocalyptic time. the world is not in "ruins" but seems like it has been largely unused and is in disrepair. The people are all disorderly and crime and drugs have run wild.

      Anyway, at some point in this particular dream, a young (early-mid twenties) girl approaches me. She is absolutely breathtaking and in early stages of pregnancy. She smiles as she approaches and then kisses me gently on the lips. we did not speak at this point. If we did I cannot recall. We sat for a while just holding one another, very content, as if we had not seen one another in some time. It felt very familiar. After a little while we went into the run-down store we met in front of. We sit down in front of a shelf full of different medications with extremely high prices. It is apparent to me at this point that she has Cancer. There are many different bottles and packages of pills. she picks one marked 69.99 which is the lower end of the price range at hand. I tell her that she should get a better one and suggest a different bottle that is a bit more costly 100.00. I had no problem in my mind accepting that I would be paying for the pills for her, and wanted her to have whichever one would work the best. We leave the store, and walk down the empty street to a run-down house where several people are completely intoxicated on drugs and alcohol. She and I proceed up to the bedroom where we just sit and hold one another for what seemed like forever, but not long enough at the same time.
      I felt so whole there with her. As if she was my soul mate. we had a very complete and unspoken understanding of one another.
      At some point in this dream one of the people in the house became loud and belligerent. I felt like maybe he was some relation to her, a brother maybe? as he came up the stairs on an exterior deck she told me to "do it"
      So, as he took a drink of alcohol from a large bottle, I threw a tire valve cap at him that was full of burning alcohol.
      The flames caught on some of the liquor that had spilled as he drank, and he went up in full flames.

      That's when I woke up the first time. (not crying)

      I fell back to sleep and the dream picked back up with her and I just sitting and embracing. no words. this went on for what felt like quite a while before I woke up again.

      When I awoke I felt nauseous, and completely distraught. I had tears running down my face, and now almost two hours later I am still feeling as though I could burst into tears. I have never experienced anything like this.

      I have an overwhelming feeling that this was part of a past or future life, and that she was/is my soul mate. I have never met her in my waking life here, but feel a very strong connection to her. She did not look sickly at all and had a very positive energy.

      I can remember other details about the world I was in, details about the lay of the land, the city, some of the forest, and a familiar dirt road through the forest to my home, but cannot see my house. I have had other dreams about this same Time/space/life/location but not about her or this specific situation.

      I have an overwhelming fear that I have lost her in time and will be unable to find her again.
      Hoping that she might read this and have shared this same dream from the other perspective.
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      I am a believer in reincarnation, and that sounds like an awesome dream or memory of your past/future life. I wouldn't be able to tell you if it was or not but I would've believed that as well.

      I had a similar dream a long time ago that I was with this girl and I didn't know her, I just felt this strong connection and we just lied down on a hill the whole time, I can relate to this dream and I still think about it.

      I'm not sure what the tears could mean but maybe your emotions expanded x10 in your dream but you didn't know and it felt as if it was normal, I sometimes wake up tearing from a dreams which seems like there is no reason to but maybe it could be your past life, it's possible.

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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      You may just have the strongest sense of Deja Vu in a future moment when these scenes play out in waking life. Hugely symbolic for you... may you find your soulmate
      As Sparkley said, your emotions expanded x 10.. you will meet this person in your timeline - you may have connected in past lives as well, hence the remembrance (tears).

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      Usually when you have very emotional dreams, they will stick with you and can change your mood the entire day. This can be caused by a walker or a visitation...or you just time traveled. When you dream are unbound by any laws, including time. Thanks for sharing.

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      Well, thanks for your responses. All valid points.

      I feel quite a bit better today, although I spent all day yesterday thinking about this.

      I have decided that I need to investigate this further. I was unsuccessful last night at getting back there, or if I was I cannot remember.

      Tonight I will try again. I'm going to see if I can intentionally reconnect with her. I would like to ask her some questions and see what I can gather from it. The way that she approached me was as if she had been waiting for me. Once she saw me she did not hesitate at all. We didn't really exchange any words, just an inherent understanding of each other. I want to know more.

      I'll post my findings here
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      Lightbulb THE LOVE of Your DREAMS

      You woke up sad for what you realized you didn't have.
      Your familiar dreams are what is familiar to you now.

      In some way it is the end of your world as it is largely unused and is in disrepair.
      Hence your dream of life: The absolutely breathtaking beauty you can have instead that is gestating inside you, beginning to.
      Your contentment, loving of yourself, which you have not seen in a while. But yes oh so familiar.

      So you meet this in your run-down section to buy this. You have to pay.
      It's a high price, if it's been shelved, to heal yourself. So this beauty has cancer, is being eaten away for lack of use or realization.
      But it seems your medication of putting things on the shelf might be what has a high price and is not the medicine you need.
      Or these are the self-medications that do not work.
      Haha, had to laugh at the price of 69.99, if it means the interjoining you need with this female factor. Your express her, and she expresses you, in this oral union.
      This is the lower end of the cost. Just the start.
      But you saw 100% is best. You had no problem with paying, and for the way that worked best.

      You see your empty road, to the run-down you that is out of control. Maybe others are included in this scemnario if friends may add to this. Otherwise the people are parts of you.
      But you just hold onto your dream, and would forever. The dream of being whole. You held onto the idea of your soul, mate.
      The Real You, that has a very complete understanding of you.
      But one side of you became loud and belligerent, relating to her. You rebelled, as you thought of aspiring to your True Nature and doing it in the outside world. This is inevitable, as the ego does not want to let go easily.
      So, as your ego got out of control, you told it, maybe in anger to burn this out, to cap it so you can get moving with this.
      You have to be careful or you may go up in flames in this goal.

      So, after waking up to this, you embraced your cherished dream, which you again dreamt of as it seemed out of reach.
      which follows is probably what made you nauseous, and completely distraught.
      You have never experienced anything like this though is the good thing, if this dream shows you have had this inner dream of life so significant.

      Your overwhelming feeling is that this was part of a future life indeed, a possible future.
      She did not look sickly at all and had a very positive energy no doubt describes you.
      You cannot see your house which means you.
      Your overwhelming fear that you have lost her in time and will be unable to find her again is dependent then on you only.

      Unless this is your ideal of a lady, to help you. And you are pregnant with her, so to speak.
      It could be both.
      But you knew her. So would mean you have dreamt her in real life before, which is very likely
      But... she told you to "do it" may wipe this out, which I think meant to do it, get moving.
      You can't go and do a girlfriend or get her if this ideal girl is not there which it didn't mean. And why would a real girl say do it and get moving?
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