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    Thread: Show me something important! Asked during lucid dream

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      Show me something important! Asked during lucid dream

      I had 30+ minutes stable lucid dream full of fun activities like flying and so on... At the end I asked the dream to show me something important few times. After that I looked on the street and there was woman in black dress with cape similar to nun. She went to the side of the road where was locked door on the steep hill. She opened the door and there was little cave where i could see old bath tube with boiling water and plastic animal toys including giraffe, t-rex and so on flowing in the bathtube. I only peaked inside, try to remember it and wake up. I googled what boiling bath means and it is not good. Anyone can help interpret pls?
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      I know you had this dream a while back now; maybe you've had some insights since then?

      Googling what any dream element means is not usually a great idea, I feel. "What something means" varies wildly from person to person, because we have different life experiences and as a result as individuals we develop different expectations, associations and so on for the same objects.

      For example, my first association with plastic animal toys in an old bathtub would be childhood. Maybe if the water is literally boiling, I might think of something that was difficult about childhood, then. But it could also be something positive; the bathtub can be an improvised way of making a very large soup, in this case being made from something relating to these toys. A kind of alchemy, maybe.

      In terms of cultural heritage, nuns are practically the opposite of a witch, who might stereotypically keep a boiling cauldron, for magical purposes... In that vein, a nun is not that different, as religion can be seen as having a magical element to it, too.

      Suffice it to say I can't possibly guess what the meaning of these dream elements may be for you, but if you're still interested in this dream, maybe my thoughts will get you thinking about something in a more positive way you hadn't considered before.
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      What's more important than a specific symbol is the feel of your dream. If it feels positive, for example, and you read online that the meaning isn't good, I would consider a different meaning. It needs to match the feel of your dream. I do use dictionaries - I think they can be useful to get our own brains thinking, but take their meanings with salt.

      Some ideas:

      Cave = unconscious, something we don't know about our self, or are learning.

      Opening a locked door = gaining access to insight

      Water = emotions

      Hot water = emotions running hot. Maybe passion, maybe anger, maybe any emotion that is intense.

      Bathtub = relaxation or cleansing.

      Toys = childhood, innocence, frivolous activity, carefree

      My thoughts? Maybe you are angry [hot water] about something to do with your childhood [toys], and are seeking to cleanse yourself of this anger [tub], to let it go. Just a guess, could be totally off. I hope it's helpful. Good luck.
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      For me, the dream represents the same thing as the Ďmirror caveí in the Ďlast jedií movie. I canít very well describe what I think it means though because I donít understand it in myself except through similar metaphors. Itís close to the source of spiritual intuition. The plastic animal toys clearly belong in the image. The water being hot is something Iíve experienced, though again all I have is the metaphor, so I canít say in another way Ďwhat it meansí. When the mystical water Iím in is too hot, I have strong lucid dreams, but its not altogether healthy somehow, its like too much magic and not enough deep patience and real love or something like that. Maybe thereís nothing wrong with the temperature of the water where it is, but its best for me to stay in the cooler parts near the hotter part. I donít feel like I understand what the heat means, though I feel it there below the surface when I think about the future and try to find the right path in my mind.

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