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    Thread: Truly superhuman sensory information. This is real!

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      Truly superhuman sensory information. This is real!

      David Eagleman: Can we create new senses for humans?

      It's a ted talk. Near the end of the video I was getting chills and my eyes got moist, because this is absolutely mindblowing. Other than that I have no words.... I mean... Just watch the video. This makes me wish I was born 200 years from now. I'm probably going to spend weeks/months/the rest of my life imagining the possibilities xD

      The first thing I'd probably do is convert sound into all kinds of senses and then listen to Beethoven... Pure euphoria xD
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      You have to try making new senses in a lucid dream. Just go out and say "new sense now!" and see what happens. If I was any more consistent in my lucid dreaming, I'd be doing this right away.
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