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    Thread: Lucid Dreaming is...

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      Lucidity is...

      Ok, we all know what the definition of lucid dreaming is...

      But here i propose, open for discussion, a few statements on the philosophical and spiritual level

      So, here it goes (sigh, well aware i might be putting myself in trouble ahaha)

      ---Lucidity is the moment by moment knowing that you are both: an object, in constant passive and active interaction with other objects, both changing each other and themselves in a linear time fashion; and also the Subject (noumenon) from which the phenomenal world (including you personal will and awake/dream bodies, sense of time and space) seem to be distinct from

      ---The difference between waking and dream reality is only the degree of interaction and fluidity between mind and matter (here, matter i mean the physical manifestations in the dream state), that is between our waking/dream character and all other objects/ characters in the waking/dream state

      --- Wheter awake or asleep, there is a constant play of bidirectional interaction, and lucidity entails the recognition of this ability to change or influence our reality. Therefore, a lucid mindset means recognizing moment by moment our responsability, freedom and power in what happens - balanced at the same time with the paradoxical insight that there is no independent, separate agent or object - that we are only God amusing himself, projecting itself as many
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      Song lyrics that come to mind. "and if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." So, "recognition of this ability to change or influence our reality," also means knowledge that simply doing nothing has an effect on reality too. Sorry for the randomness of my comment.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      Ooh this is fun, I gotta join in here .

      Life is all dream. Lucidity is the absence of misconceptions. We've got the 3 states; waking state, the dream state and the deep sleep state. Then we've got the dream state with misconceptions removed, creating a 4th state called lucid dreaming. All 4 of these states are witnessed by the same pure awareness. Awareness of that pure awareness and removal of misconceptions creates a 5th state; the awakened state, or the lucid living state.

      So, there's lucid dreaming, then there's lucid living. Both revolve around awareness. One happens just in dreams, the other happens any time. However, all of these different states of consciousness are just ever-changing objects which appear in front of the unchanging pure awareness, the subject. The pure awareness is always lucid. It's always fully aware.

      So, lucidity is... well, all we truly know.

      And lucid dreaming is a gateway drug xD

      I like your deep perspective there VagalTone, I just thought I'd add some more deep shit in here
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