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      My dreams are suddenly no longer vivid, dream vision is sort of fading in my dreams...

      I have always had very, very vivid and crazy dreams, and have always had good dream recall (can usually describe several dreams in great detail from every night). However, lately, my dreams have been very "weak", dull, sort of fading and my dream vision disappears from time to time (like when you're just about to wake up, only I'm not). The dreams have also been quite boring, and a lot have been from everyday life, which is quite uncommon for me. My dream recall is not as good as it usually is.

      I still become lucid several times each night, but I can only recall some aspects, or the highlights of the dreams, not the dreams from start to end, if that makes sense.

      Could supplements help? I used to take magnesium and b vitamins, but have stopped. Are there any other supplements I could try?

      Anyone else who has experienced this? I should add that I have insomnia, so maybe one possibility is that I'm in the wrong sleep stage? Sleeping to lightly?

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      Since you become lucid frequently, you can perhaps take steps within the dream to increase the vividness and liven it up. You can increase the clarity of the dream by examining the world around you and bringing more focus to your senses. To make the dreams less boring, you can teleport or travel to a more interesting location and find something fun to do there. Alternatively you can go to bed with an idea in mind of what kind of things you want to dream about. Focus on this idea enough and you should start to dream of it.

      I don't know what your normal dream recall habits are so I will give you some basic tips. Whenever you wake up, don't just immediately get out of bed or go straight back to asleep. Just lay still and try to remember what had just happened moments ago while you were dreaming. It is much easier to recall dreams the moment you awaken from them. Run the dream through your memory a few times and then write it down. If you don't keep a journal, I highly recommend it. It's incredibly useful. I'm pretty sure B vitamins are also supposed to help with vividness and recall but I am not an expert in supplements.

      I wouldn't worry too much about all of this though. You say this is uncommon for you so it may just be an anomaly that will correct itself in time.
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