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    Thread: I have demons inside of me help?!?

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      I have demons inside of me help?!?

      What does it mean to sleep in your old bedroom and, beside dreaming of them, see and feel lot of spirits running through your body?
      I had difficulty in waking up and so I started to pray in my dream.
      I remember I was praying to Saint Mary by literally saying: "Saint Mary, Queen of albinos...".
      Does it mean that the presences, that once were in the old house, where I used to live, are now inside me?
      And what could it mean what I said referring to Mary?

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      Everything is going to be okay. It sounds like you had a bad nightmare. It's important to keep in mind that dreams are just part of our imagination even when they are scary. Do you have bad dreams like this one often?

      When feeling spirits go through your body were you just starting to fall asleep or already dreaming? it may be whats called hypnogogia. Hypnogigia are harmless sensory phenomena that happen in the state between wake and sleep. More information would be helpful like when you had this dream and what your nornal dreams are like.
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      Thank you for your reply.
      I honestly have these kind of dreams quite often; Everytime it happens when I'm already asleep since hours.
      I literally feel my body pressed by these entities; I always try to fight back, but since I can't succeed, with my physical strength, I always start to pray, and then suddenly I find myself able to wake up, even though I'm not religious at all, and I don't say prayers in my daily life.
      Sometimes instead, it happens right before I start to loose consciousness: I feel presences bouncing on my bed, or sometimes even touch my hands.

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      Sounds like a classic case of sleep paralysis derived hallucinations. This is an atypical state where one becomes partially aware of their physical body during their sleep. Or, more specifically, of their being unable to move their physical body because they're asleep. Various nightmarish illusions can manifest during this state, anything from from demons prancing around, to vampires, to hurricanes, to seeing a later time than one expected on their alarm clock.

      It seems that sleeping in your old bedroom causes (frequent?) episodes of sleep paralysis for you. With enough resolve, you could convert these nightmarish images into a lucid dream. So the next time this happens, don't fight. Calm down, and then imagine something you'd prefer.
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      Lightbulb DEMONS and ANGELS

      Does it mean the presences, that once were in the old house, where I used to live, are now inside me?
      Maybe in a figurative sense, like old things or ways happening now.
      Albino is white, so possibly means opposite to darkness, or fear, as maybe you wanted to purify yourself of it.
      Or could those spirits refer to others? It is whatever you are pressed by, that keeps happening, as you keep dreaming of it.
      The demons inside are our fears. Your old house is the old you.

      You know, you can't fight it, with strength, or force, it's an idea, like praying is. But praying is usually for something to happen.
      Or that reaches to your soul, or help, or a higher view.
      Waking up, losing consciousness, might all point to being more aware, which can lead to more control over this stuff.

      presences bouncing on my bed, or sometimes even touch my hands
      may be the clue to the area this leads to.
      Spoiler for Can you guess it?:

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