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      Question falling through the ground?

      I have always fell through the ground in my dreams. I'll be walking then suddenly fall straight down with no other momentem but downwards if i am able to stay awake whilst falling it will feel as if I'm flowing through a stream but I am the stream and i will either be pushed into another dream or The Black (described in my last post) I have even been able to make this happen and use it to enter The Black to get to another dream or The White (also described in an earlier post) though I've learned how to open up a portal to another dream within a dream so thats no longer needed although in The Black you can also enter deeper states an explore your inner self. Has anyone else experienced this? Even in dreams where I'm falling from the sky I dont hit the ground I go through it.

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      Moved thread to a more fitting section of the forums.

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      Thank you Matte87.

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