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    Thread: Not going lucid, What am i doing wrong?

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      Question Not going lucid, What am i doing wrong?

      1 month have passed when i was trying WBTB technique every week-ends.
      Actually, i don't do it because i am not getting any success, although every time
      i get off my bed i do my reality check that is looking for my hands and counting my
      fingers, i also have my own dream journal with 15-20 notebook sheet fully written.
      Except this week, i tried to do WBTB again, but had no success. What i do while i'm
      awake doing WBTB is turning on my PC, searching about lucid dreams, thinking that they
      are really cool, but heres an important point. I don't get motivated at all
      and i wonder why this happens maybe because of my many unsuccessful attempts before when i tried
      WBTB for real and had a feeling of motivation? or am i missing something?

      I really don't know what to do anymore to get a lucid dream.

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      I know this probably isn't the answer you would like, but you need to keep trying. I have been trying too lucid dream on and off for about a year, and the process is pretty straining. Just like anything else you need practice. A lot of practice, and a huge amount of awareness. I didn't really get motivated until I read up on sageous' guide on wilds. I realized that lucid dreaming isn't just control of your dreams, and shouldn't be used for entertainment alone. It's the fact that you are a whole, and conscious no matter what physical state. It's really pleasing knowing that you aren't just doing it to control your dreams, you are doing to know oneself. Anyways I hoped I helped and please don't give up. You would be missing out on the wonderful experience, and the reward is worth the work, and time. Happy dreams
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      I agree ^^

      Also, how many hours of sleep do you get before you wake up for the WBTB? And how long do you stay up while on your WBTB? It is important to know that it is different for everyone. You have to experiment with those times you sleep and times you stay up. Stay up too little, and you'll fall asleep right away without gaining much awareness. Stay awake too long, and you'll have trouble getting back to sleep. The trick is to find the ideal amount of time that you get the awareness needed when you stay up, and use that to help you get lucid once you start sleeping again.

      Another thing, maybe you should write up a list of goals you want to achieve once you get lucid? Read them over and over, and imagine doing them and how awesome it would be. Thinking about your own goals can really motivate you because it gives you something to look forward to. Furthermore, it kind of hints your subconscious that you want to get them done, and thus gives you better chances to get lucid because your subconscious will start helping you out

      Good luck, and never give up! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
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