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      Getting back into lucid dreaming! Things to do daily?

      It's been about 9 months for me since I last attempted to LD, or even recall dreams I was having. I was in school, and flustered with many things, but now during summer I've wanted to get back into it. What are some small tips to keep in mind during the day and things I should be doing?

      All I can think of would be doing RC's and recording my dreams in my journal. Any other suggestions?
      Suggestions for what method(s) I should use if I do not have a very fluid sleeping schedule?
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      I know alot of things to do but the most important thing I think is clearing your mind from thoughts.

      And this is why. Think about what a dream really is, it is an literal experience of what is you. Your memories, thoughts, worries, concerns an experience of the whole ego of yourself. I don't reality check, I don't keep a dream journal for my dreams and I still get lucid, but I do have 5-6 years of experience of already doing that so maybe I have trained my brain or something. Although in my opinion the most important thing is to clear your mind from things that is bothering you.

      Because if you go to sleep stressed, concerned or scared then that is you and what you will dream. stressful dreams are fast and hectic and really hard to become aware of. But if you fall asleep with a clear, calm and tranquil mind your dreams will also be clear, calm and tranquil and most important of all, really easy to become aware of.

      So how do you clear your mind?


      It's basically an exercise to teach you to do nothing for a few minutes every day, and if you find difficulty in doing that then it's only a sign that you are analyzing and judging and that you really need meditation. Analyzing and judging is the nature of the western civilization mind, so don't analyze or judge it or identify yourself with it.

      Here is a good video on how to meditate: Meditation -- A Beginner's Practical Guide - YouTube

      You are of course not forced to do this. I am just adding my two cent of what I consider most effective.

      When you stop your analyzing and thoughts, you get more calm and still, and you are then more in the now, and when you are in the now you are more aware.

      Good luck!

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