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    Thread: Black and white dreams or no sound?

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      Black and white dreams or no sound?

      Often when I dream about talking to a DC I can not hear anything. It is like we are using telepathy and not sound. I also notice I rarely hear background noise like birds or the wind. What have you experienced?

      I also notice that some of my LDs are seemingly in black and white. It is mostly the ones I have trouble recalling. Can any of you remember dreaming in black and white?
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      I've never dreamed in black and white, but most of my dreams tend to be soundless or at least very quiet. I often just hear a constant 'hum' similar to what you'd expect to hear in sleep paralysis (the nice thing about this: I consider it a dream sign now, helping me go lucid often). Talking to a DC is sometimes, like you said, like telepathy--I just sort of know what they said, and they just know what I said. Other times, it's more like they mumble a bit and I magically understand them.

      I have noticed, however, that there have been a few special occasions where I do hear sound, for example: I'm a composer, and I've had dreams here and there of composing music that I can actually hear (and strangely enough, tends to be fairly good!). There have been a few other occasions like that that I can't think of on the top of my head, maybe it's when I intentionally create the sound that I can actually hear it.
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      As a rule my dreams are silent movies, but in full colour. Once I tried to yell at the top of my lungs, and I could actually hear it - but my voice sounded as if it came through a telephone in an adjacent room. I wondered if I had actually yelled out in my physical bedroom, but only hearing it vaguely due to being so deeply immersed in the dream.

      Some of my dreams are in a strange twilight kind of colouring; it's not really black and white, but it's very dark and actually a kind of black and blue; the small amount of light present is sort of blueish. Despite the lack of lighting, these dreams seem to be extraordinarily "real" - as if "I'm actually there".
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      I haven't had a black and white dream, but I've noticed they're soundless unless I speak and that DCs often communicate telepathically.

      There have been exceptions though, notably this one (link to DJ entry). I could hear the wind and the sound of the leaves, and at the end I was experimenting with my voice and it turned into the most intense lucid experience I've had -- I actually saw the sound waves! This was right after a WBTB where I was outside doing one of the listening dream yoga exercises, so that probably explains why I heard the wind so clearly!
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      You might think that you rarely have black and white dreams, however black and white dreams occur about 50% of the time. They are just less memorable because color is way more exciting! As for the soundless, I cannot say what you are experiencing has ever happened to me!
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