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      Feel testicles squezzed while dreaming.

      Hello there,

      I carry a dream journal and have been trying to master the art of lucid dreaming for some time now.
      When I am sleeping, I sometimes face a very weird situation. I googled it and henceforth came across this site.
      I am hoping someone might have some explanation here.

      Here's my situation :

      Sometimes as the dream is going on, out of nowhere, I feel that my testicles are getting pulled to the inside. Obviously the dream gives me an interpretation of it (such as: someone else or even myself is squeezing them).
      The problem is that I feel the pain "for real". I feel that if it doesn't stop, my testicles will be pulled inside my body.
      Now it has happened many a times.
      The effect is such that whenever it happens now, I realize that its a dream (but my body still feels the pain despite the fact that I am aware I am dreaming). And I try really hard to wake myself up.
      As I wake up, I could still feel the testicles pulled for a fraction of a second.

      Is there any explanation for this?
      Has lucid dreaming got anything to do with it?


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      You can feel all kinds of sensations. Perhaps after you felt it first time, now you expect it and that's why it happens? I have not heard any similar reports from lucid dreamers. Hope it will sort itself out for you. Happy dreams

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