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    Thread: Is This Sleep Paralysis Or My Imagination Getting Carried Away?

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      Exclamation Is This Sleep Paralysis Or My Imagination Getting Carried Away?

      I've been into lucid dreaming for about 3 years now but haven't had a single lucid dream yet. i've got back into now and wanted to make a fresh start so a few nights ago I decided i was going to attempt to induce sleep paralysis. As i layer down in bed i got comfy and cleared my mind of worries. After about 5 minutes of laying still I twitch a little bit (not willingly) in my little toe and pinkie. 10 minutes later my body feels strange like as I knew it was there but like i was a mini figurine next to my body looking up at it, then I felt like I was swaying side to side (kinda gave me a headache) and then it felt like I was in my normal size body but also overlapping my normal sized body with a mini body (predominately I felt more in control of my smaller body). I also had slight feeling when i knew my surroundings were existent yet they felt like they weren't. hopefully someone can tell me what this is because I get it 10 minutes in trying to induce sleep paralysis and then the feeling goes away and i can't get it back so i just give up and fall asleep.
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      Sleep paralysis is a disorder, so good luck inducing it. I do believe that that was HH and with a bit of time you would have been lucid, as I experience similar feelings when I WILD. The only possible problem I can see (aside from sheer bad luck), is that you tried when you first went to sleep. Unfortunately, attempting it that will only give you an hour and a half wait for a 5 minute dream and that's if you're lucky. You may, of course, already be doing this, but just in case, 5-6 hours after you first go down is best. If all else fails, try DILD.
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      I'm sorry to say, but I feel like your lack of success was because of bad tutorials. Especially the ones claiming that you need to go through SP. SP is not part of luicid dreaming.

      The sensations one may experience when WILDing are normal falling asleep sensations. But too much of paying attention to your physical body will keep you in physical world. Thats why concentrating on mantra, breathing, or back of the cloese eyelids is recommended. It takes your mind off of the physical world.

      Also, WILDing at bedtime is futile. You have to go through 90 min of NREM till you get to first 10 min of REM. That means, you have to be in that body asleep, mind awake state for 90 min. Try to WILD after some sleep, then use WBTB.

      If you didn't have any LDs yet, starting with DILD is preferred. It will teach you things you will later need for a WILD.

      I think your decision to start from scratch is a good one. Here are some basic tutorials we recommend. Induction Methods and Techniques



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