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    Thread: A Weird LD Experience

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      A Weird LD Experience

      Last night I experienced an extremely vivid dream. I was quite certain I was in the waking world... until an Australia rock band showed up in my front yard. That caused me to realize I was dreaming, and I talked to the lads about their music for a few minutes.

      Now here's the weird part...
      Today, well after my dream, the band announced they would be touring the U.S. later this year, and one of their concerts will be a stone's throw from my house!

      Was the dream a case of prediction or just coincidence? For sure it was a case of weird.
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      I think it's part of your subconscious processing - have you listened to the band recently? Do they have a new album out, or expecting to tour soon? I'm not sure I buy into precognitive dreaming, but your subconscious is an expert at picking up coincidences - after all, if the band hadn't have stated that they were going to go on tour near to your house, you would've thought nothing more of the dream.

      I had a similar experience the other day when in one of my dreams I clearly remember driving with an older silver Lexus letting me into the road, and then the next morning when turning into the road, a silver Lexus let me join the road. Quite coincidental, but I think that I've commuted enough to my current place of work that I'm starting to recognise cars usually around during my commute!
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      Of course, such "synchronicities" may be quite random. But I would't advice rejecting their possibility outright. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep a log of them - a synchronicity diary. Being able to evaluate a larger number of them, and thereby do some proper statistics on their frequency of happening, might be very helpful ...
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      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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