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    Thread: Lucid dream with perception of reality

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      Lucid dream with perception of reality

      Heyy fellow lucid dreamers!

      I would like to share my remarkable experience from last night.

      It was like this... I went to bed after tasting various wines. I woke up after 4,5 like usual and stay awake for 1,5 hrs or so... Then I went back to bed and tried WILD. It took me around 30 minutes to reach the transition. It was really quick, with no wierd sensation. Dream scene was my bedroom. I look on the window from my bed view. It was dark outside. I was laying on my bed in the same position like in reality. I immediately did nose plug. It showed that I'm really in a lucid dream. It was pretty stable for the beggining of LD.

      Here's where it gets interesting.

      So I got this idea to open my real eyes. Few minutes later, I somehow succesfuly opened my right eye. That means I percieved the dream and the reality at the same time. I saw window with dark outside (lucid dream window) and the same window with light outside (reality window). I saw my dream hand on my nose. I did't want to believe it until ten second later the dream ended and I was still looking at the window. I though this must be some strange False awakening but I convinced myself after stand up out of bed that this is reality.

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      Those kind of mystery lucidity related events are kinda awesome
      I belive i might've had similar experience myself perhaps?

      I remember that one day due to some reason i woke up. I belive it might've been just regular school day and it was nearly the time for going to school
      While being still little to lazy to get up from bed i sat up aswell while still covering myself with bedding...
      I sensed somehow that i were in Dream World partially i think?
      When i tried to do a smallest daydream/visualization alike thingy dream world forcibly took over my real vision. (So putting more focus on internal than external world?)
      And when i though of waking body i've had real world vision back (Kinda like the moments when you get so into your daydreaming that you forget about everything around you till you get that sudden snap out of it moment Yet it was controlled and easy to achieve this time?)

      I guess we could call it kinda middle between two worlds.
      And mental focus decided to which one we belonged at the moment
      I'm back! Again? Uhhh..

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