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      Entering a dream after very tired?

      Just last night I was staying up late for very unnecessary reasons

      When I went to bed I was very exhausted. I was starting to fall asleep and I could very faintly remember imagining a story and some people talking. But before anything happened, my whole body twitched and I was awake again.

      I assume this happened because I heard that the more tired you are, the faster it is to fall into the REM stage of sleep. So maybe I was falling in a dream? And the twitching was me shaking off sleep paralysis? I couldn't tell how much time passed but I'm fairly sure that it wasn't that much, only a couple of minutes.

      So I have some questions..

      1. Is what I think happened true?

      2. If question 1 is yes, then how can I turn that into a lucid dream? By WILD-ing?

      3. If question 1 is no, could you explain what happened?

      Thank you in advance.
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      I don't claim to be an expert on such things, but if I had to wager anything I would say that your mind was probably just drifting off as you were falling asleep.
      I believe it'd take much longer for you to actually enter REM sleep if that is your first time sleeping for the night.
      The jerk is a thing that is often experienced by many, but I am unsure of what more else to say about it.

      If I'm wrong, I would like to know this too. This same thing, finding my thoughts wander, frequently happens to me as well, especially if I'm listening to music or a podcast in bed and a loud part wakes me up as I'm drifting off.

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      You can have hypnogogic images almost immediately dozing off to sleep. I have it often. But you can't likely get an LD That way. They tend to be short and you pop awake. I have never gotten an LD that way...but I find it a pretty cool experience...like LD's, when I exit them it is more like transitioning realities rather than waking up.

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