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      How do I keep motivation and stick at it this time?

      This is like the 4th times of posting a motivation and a starting to learn again on this fourm by me, I have never really stuck at it. Basically, my life stucks and I need to start doing something about it, I am currently learning guitar been at that 4 months (With motivational issues) I want to be good a lucid dreaming, its a skill you can use for self improvement and relaxation as well as an interesting thing to learn about, but I never actually learn it, I need a sleeping pattern and I need to keep it for once, I need to write in a dream journal and not forget my bloody reality checks. What will make me stick at it this time for once? so I dont give up in two weeks. I dont have any friends, so its something I cant really share with people as an interest and become more motivated that way, I am afriad I am on my own with this one. First thing is first, I need to get a sleeping routine and start writing in a new journal and make a new goal list. Please give me some advice how I can really stick with it this time instead of making empty promisses.
      Hopefully I will be alot more active on Dream Views and posting some interesting stories at some point.

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      I saw this idea from another thread, and maybe it'll work for you.

      Try lucid dreaming in baby steps. For example, if for one day you do really well in your practicing (Frequent RCs, recalled a good length dream, etc.), then you can reward yourself with something you like. Then, you can try to take another step, and do something to increase your practicing. Like, if you wanted to practice a new technique, such as WBTB or ADA, and you succeed for some amount of time, then reward yourself again. If you didn't want to practice something new, then you can reward yourself after having doing RCs for a longer period of time. You can keep going like that as motivation. You can even add punishments if you don't get it right. Not something really bad, but just trying something for a day that irritates you. Some examples include taking a hot shower if you do cold showers and vice-versa, or you can decide to tidy up an area of your house earlier than usual.

      I hope this helps

      Sweet dreams..
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      It's a hard question. For me, it's been to make lucid dreaming one of the most important things in my life. One of the pillars of my life, really. I realize that when I am not lucid for a while, I feel bad about that--as though I am missing out on the other half of my life. Sounds depressing, but not really. It's allowed me to maintain motivation and keep working at it. If it's really not that important to us, it won't manifest in our lives in any substantive, life-shaping way. We probably won't even remember to check reality.

      If you find that your discipline for lucid dreaming is lacking, then take a few moments to remind yourself of all of the benefits of lucid dreaming: sex with beautiful people, hyper-realistic flying, personal growth and development, and otherwise impossible experiences. Remind yourself how awesome it will feel to be lucid in the dream state. And then remind yourself that what you are currently doing (not sticking to a sleep schedule, not doing reality checks, not practicing MILD before bed, not writing down dreams etc.) will not yield the results that you want.

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