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    Thread: Having problems with the awareness behind the dream

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      Having problems with the awareness behind the dream

      In my dreams I become lucid and I never stablize the dream. I just call out to the dream itself if I want something. This morning I woke up frustrated because the dream did not give me what I wanted. When I realize I was dreaming I just called out "I want to have a foursome with wwe divas!" the dream response was "NO!" I had no idea what was going on. Maybe my subconscious doesn't want me having sex all the time. I am addicted to LD sex and I just can't help it. It's like being told no by your parents when you ask them can you go to an after school party. The dream is controlling me. I am the one who supposed to control the dream. I was angry and ran around the dreamscape like a ranging bull looking for wwe divas. I was going to do something insane but the dream ended quickly. How can I solve this problem with the awareness behind the dream? I want to have full control of my dreams.

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      The short answer is work on specific small goals over a long period of time.

      In martial arts a new student wants to do fancy spinning jump kicks, but honestly needs to work on understanding the basics of balance and movement first. Pick a simple stabilizing task and have that as your goal at the start of every dream, such as looking at your hand and manipulating the fingers. After you have that work on a basic control skill, such as taking longer and longer jumps until you can jump over things like a car. Also try finding a very basic object from your real life for a while, such as your phone. Start small and be willing to practice. After you can start by seeing and flexing your hand, and the other tasks, then move to a harder step such as finding and interacting with a certain DC.
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