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      Lucid dream that is not a lucid dream

      Quite recently, I've been having lucid dreams that do not have LD quality. Everything has that non-lucid quality, like only sight and hearing, less details than lucid (but more than non-lucid) dream, I am watcher rather than doer in the dream, etc. I only have some conscious thoughts where I decide what I want to do. Do you have these dreams?

      One advantage of them is that there is no need for stabilization or control since I can do everything. But the disadvantage is that I get a lot less "action" by just observing the dream.

      Let me give you an example of such a dream if anyone is interested. I will type lucid things in bold and for everything else assume it is just like a non-lucid dream

      I piss off a judge in a culinary show, so he sends security guards after me. They are coming from downstairs, so I jump through the window. I am running away from them. I am not scared, quite the opposite, I am having fun since I am so much better and faster than them. Since they are very persistent,
      I decide to hide. My best friend sees me and comes to say "Hi". They see me and I continue to run. But instead of following me, the two of them try to sexually abuse her in the coffee shop. They cannot do that, so I decide to teleport there and stop them. I teleport and with my hands shining from some blue energy I grab them by their necks and teleport into my imaginary world. I decide to squeeze their necks but not kill them, since this is my world and they cannot die here. They are in constant state of choking. I also use energy to restain their hands. After I tortured them enough, I teleport them to the next room and go after them.
      P.S. I am not really violent in my waking life and usually my dreams are not violent.
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      Sounds like you're experiencing another form of partial lucidity... what's your question/concern?

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