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    Thread: As a complete beginner, what methods should I use to LC?

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      As a complete beginner, what methods should I use to LC?

      Hi, I am a complete beginner. I've only had Stage 2 Minor Lucid Dreams. (without even trying, because I didn't know what lucid dreams were back then) I would like to know which are the best methods to LC for a beginner like me that has absolutely no experience. I got used to reality checks, I do 1 per 2 hours or so and I've just started a dream journal. Please tell me the name of the method I should use and if I can get sleep paralysis using that method. I will be extremely thankful if someone replies
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      hey lemon

      if you are ok with sleep paralysis you should read about WILD and WBTB

      for wbtb https://www.dreamviews.com/wiki/Wake-Back-To-Bed-WBTB
      and for wild https://www.dreamviews.com/wiki/Wake...cid-Dream-WILD

      it works best if put togher it will take time to get wild and not falling sleep or just gieving up and try to just sleep

      if sleep pralsiys is hard for you then try mild it its not hard at all and but is more chance that i think

      and ofc you should learn dild , it uses realty cheks dream sighs and momreais and so on

      hope it helped you out
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      DILD is probably a good idea to look into. "Reality" checks and dream journaling are in that category.

      I think any time you lucid dream, you could get sleep paralysis. This is because you might wake prematurely during your REM cycle. Sometimes after a regular non lucid dream you are in sleep paralysis, just unconscious. So, when you get yourself conscious within a dream, then you might still be conscious in that transition from dreaming to awake, which is where you might pass through sleep paralysis.

      Depending if you believe LD is anything paranormal, your attempts to LD might attract spiritual or psychic energies that come and give you sleep paralysis. But thats just a possible belief if you believe in that sort of thing.

      Also not all sleep paralysis is the night terror variety. I've had sleep paralysis visits that were the exact opposite of night terrors. I even had a few visits from an energy that seemed really helpful. Of course I have had the ominous kind too. But there is a lot out there about dealing with sleep paralysis. My favorite is in Chapter 10 of ETWOLD.

      http://users.telenet.be/sterf/texts/...d_dreaming.pdf (I don't know who posted that or if it is allowed but it is just online there)

      I don't mean to scare you off but sleep paralysis is even possible if you don't lucid dream! But regardless, I got most of my early LDs from DILDs. And I had sleep paralysis before i lucid dreamed.
      Here is what I am up to in the dream world!

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