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    Thread: Randomness of altered states of consciousness...

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      Red face Randomness of altered states of consciousness...

      Hi guys,

      Sometimes when lucid dreaming, especially DILDs, you make some amusing decisions. Even when you are lucid you are still in an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes you don't have all your memories at your disposal, foggy recollections, you recall false memories and confuse them for actual memories, lack motivation, or make some of the most random decisions. If you want, you can see some of that in action in a dream I posted here. I could have done literally anything else such as participated in Task of the Month or Year etc, but I didn't.

      Anyway, what are some of your random decisions you made while lucid? Sure we make strange decisions while non-lucid, but it's more interesting when we make strange decisions while lucid.
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      I have only been lucid twice, and both were super low awareness, so I can't really say much about when u are lucid. However, in a non-lucid dream not only do you make crazy decisions but also your perceptions are skewed. It is in my DJ but the dream is basically where Mom tells me to go over my math with her and I tell her no. She gets mad at me, and when i wake up, I start writing down my dream, and remember strongly thinking to myself how Mom was very angry and mean to me when I didn't do anything to her. Then when I finished, I read it and realized that in reality, I was the bad person, saying no to her, and her anger was sorta justifiable.
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      yes I have noticed this as well! to add to this, it is also hard to remember tasks that I have been wanting to do while lucid, or I get lazy and just decide to go explore the dreamworld, usually ending up getting caught back into the storyline. I'm glad you posted this because like you said, sometimes I end up making bizarre choices, and often wonder if I was actually lucid, or just dreaming that I was lucid.

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