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    Thread: Was this a lucid dream? xD

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      Was this a lucid dream? xD

      Hi. So I had this dream where I was day-dreaming (thinking of some kind of house) and then it felt as I got sucked into the day dream. Then I started feeling as if I was there and tried to move. And yes, I could. I knew nothing was real and I was in a... umm... day dream but I thought the reality is the dream. I know it sounds weird it, but I don't know lol...
      I know day dreaming is when you think of something during they day and not pay attention and I know you can't control it or whatever but in this dream I had I got sucked into it... somehow...
      So was this a lucid dream? xD
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      Your experience seems to be similar to a WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream).

      Firstly, one is visualizes. At some point, after relaxation, hypnagogia starts to seep in, in effect, making you hallucinate your daydream, so to speak. Here, the subconscious mind also starts to warp your thoughts and produce the imagery for you. For instance, when I am in this state, I can zoom in objects, and consequently see more detail, or what's through that door, or what a character might say. As your mind enters this state, it becomes more and more entrancing, while awareness of the outside world decreases. Eventually, this transfers to the dream state. Although there are several variations on technique, this fits into the category of a WILD. However, if you actually thought that the dream was real, it is likely that you lost awareness at some point in the procedure.

      Ultimately, whether it was a lucid dream depends whether you were aware you were dreaming.
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      Some of these experiences can get so confusing, FAs, nested dreams, nested FAs, false lucid dreams, etc. The most simple proof to verify if a dream was a lucid dream is to think hard if at any moment (regardless if it was a dream within a dream or daydream, or false xyz, etc.) you knew you were dreaming, recognizing that what you were perceiving was just a dream, that you, i.e. your body was really back in bed asleep. (maybe that does not help....sounds too obvious).
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