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    Thread: My plan has been laid out. Am I missing something?

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      My plan has been laid out. Am I missing something?

      I've created a structure for me to follow, and my goal is to be able to lucid dream on a nightly basis down the line. The structure is as follows:
      Keep a steady and detailed dream journal, write in it every morning.
      Continually questioning my surroundings, the context I'm in, and wether I'm asleep or awake throughout the day.
      Read some books/material on the subject of dreams and lucid dreaming before bed.
      Reviewing my dream journal entry from that morning before bed.
      Medidate for about 20-30 minutes and drink some green tea before bed.
      Falling asleep while setting my intention and using mantras.
      WBTB every night.

      If I do this CONSISTENTLY every day, would this be enough to get me to the point where I can have realistic and lasting lucid dreams on a nightly basis down the line? Or would I have to implement something else to my schedule that I haven't thought of to be able to reach that goal?
      Thank you for your time and replies.
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      It strongly depends on the person what makes you Lucid and how often. Constant effort and progress is the key. Regular Lucid Dreaming is a marathon not a sprint. You need to find yourself a procedure that works for you without draining you empty. Sure there are days you can push a little more like on weekends maybe and days you should do a light version for example if you have to get up early or don't get enough sleep for a night.
      The procedure should make you more or less fun and don't be work only because motivation is very important.

      When you go for lucidity constantly and long enough you get a feeling what you have to do and how much effort it needs. It gets more natural with time and in the end it's not about the technique but your intention your feeling and your mindset.

      Thus said, you didn't write whar you want to do with your wbtb (mild or wild? Etc.)
      What I really can recommend is prospective memory training. It's super for mild and in general raises your overall awareness during day and night plus you can remember your intention your goals etc better.
      Here a good start to read if you don't know the topic yet: prospective memory

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      I feel like you are trying too hard, but different things work for different people. So this might be the right way to go for you as long as you are enjoying the process than treating it as work and get stressed out. There is one thing I want to make it clear though. You are very likely to be lucid most of the time with what you are doing if you do it right and enjoy the process, but you can't guarantee you will get lucids everyday. Things like diet, physical activity, events of the day, emotional state etc. all affects it quite a bit. It might be healthy to get into the mind set of settling to become lucid frequently than everyday.

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      Itīs good to have a laid out plan, then you can measure your progress. But there is no canned recipe for success or guarantees. Better to start nice and easy and build up than hard and fast and blow up. Stick to something realistic and really observe and consider your progress. Itīs always good to seek direction from those who have gone before. Be flexible, but make adjustments slowly when necessary. Donīt jump around from one method to the next, and from one technique to another like a butterfly.

      Have you gone through one of the courses here on the site? Go to https://www.dreamviews.com/dv-academy/. Iīm doing Sageous WILD course now. Good stuff.
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      i agree with the fact that you may be trying too hard..when you try too hard frustration sets in. Focus more on the feeling because that is what its all about and recreate it like you do with reality checks. there are different things that set off your conscious alarm and thats what you are trying to trigger. hope any of this helps
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