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    Thread: How can you lucid dream while being stressed/anxious?

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      How can you lucid dream while being stressed/anxious?

      I've been feeling stress and anxious latetly, which is making it difficult to focus on lucid dreaming. I was wondering, what tips do you have to try ld practice while also dealing with stress and anxiety?

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      It's OK to not lucid dream all the time. If you are going through a more stressful patch, take care of yourself. Obviously, that doesn't have to mean to stop practicing your dream work. So, continue your disciplined practice as long as it doesn't cause more stress due to time restraints. If so, shorten it. Put a few words in your dream journal instead of a detailed retelling. Revisit past dreams. Appreciate non-lucid dreams. See if you can learn about how you deal with your stress in your dreams, it might help.
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      Occipitalred is right, taking care of yourself and focusing on resolving whatever is causing you all this stress and anxiety is what you should focus on. Taking care of that means that once things start getting better, your situation overall, including lucid dreaming, will improve on its own as a natural consequence of that. Honestly, you can't expect to have any success LDing when on top of being anxious and stressed out already, you're stressing and worrying yourself about how you aren't going to be able to properly practice becoming lucid or that you are failing to become lucid... and neither can you expect your stress levels to go down when you're willingly taking on that additional stress.

      A healthy mind and having your affairs and life in order are the best way to help you find success in any endeavors you undertake. Stress's effects on the quality of sleep and the ability to concentrate and direct one's awareness alone is detrimental enough in itself to be a major roadblock for you. Find a way to navigate around the block, and you're infinitely find yourself heading down the path of your dreams, pun intended.
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