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      I think I might have Lucid Dreamed last night, how do I add on to this progress?

      Last night, I had a dream where I was in at a party full of people. It was really dark and after I saw someone I knew, I did like a reality check or something with the nose and it felt really real. Like I could feel people touching me and pushing me. I remember fearing that I could draw upon some serial killer or something to hurt me so I like tried to force myself awake up or something and saw a flash of blue. I don't get why I didn't try to do my ld goal or something or something. Was this really a ld or something else?

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      Without knowing exactly how you felt it's hard for me to say exactly; things became more vivid after the reality check, as I understand; did you feel more aware of the dream state at all? From my experience, if I had something like that, I might be having a low level of lucidity, which are generally more memorable than non-lucids for me, but not much more (like small details are still easy to forget).

      In terms of progress, you could mark it down as something like: you certainly did remember to do a check, and perhaps became more aware of the dream state, but perhaps forgot intentions because you didn't become as lucid as you wanted to. Was there a particular reason for the sudden fear? Like a recurring concern or on-going waking life worry, or was it provided by the dream's context/plot?
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      This was really an LD because you knew it was a dream you could wake up from, which implies you knew it was a dream.

      You didn't remember your LD goal because at the time, you were more motivated to wake up from the dream than to attempt your LD goal.

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