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    Thread: How to make certain characters / themes come up in dreams

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      How to make certain characters / themes come up in dreams

      I tried doing the techniques from a book called the phase by Micheal Raduga. I didn't do it correctly but last night I had three to four vivid dreams. I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to make a certain character or theme come up in dreams? An example could be a high school math teacher or a professor from college. Or dreaming about a math lecture.

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      Try to make what you want to dream about the highest priority relative to other things you are currently dreaming about. Try to identify what your current dreams are based on so you can identify what is currently the higher priority. The idea is to identify the obstacle and deal with them in a way that makes it no longer an obstacle.
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      When i want to summon a dream character, i usually look at open doors or corners and wait for them to appear. It usually works, but sometimes it is not the person i intended
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      It can be difficult to summon a character or scene from scratch during the dream, even in the best of situations. Drawing from memory during a dream is problematic, because many of the unconscious' functions needed for quickly assembling memories into imagery can be pretty much shut down, even if you've successfully accessed memory while lucid (i.e., you can correctly remember the actual day and date, and that your actual body is where you left it, asleep in bed). so I think -- and have found -- that the solution here isn't a specific technique by itself, but the techniques used after you have prepared your unconscious to be ready to retrieve your desired imagery.

      This preparation comes from daywork, which I think Dolphin already said. Spend time during the day thinking about the scene you want to make, and the people you want to see there. Give it some real consideration; maybe take some time to write down a description of what you want. Make your plan an important part of your activities during the day. Finally, be sure to set a clear intention before sleep that you will be dreaming about this place and/or these people. By doing this you are planting a memory seed in your unconscious mind about the imagery and people you desire, and that seed might give it a ready source to grow the dream you want. That growth of course would come from your lucid prompting, which is where the techniques, like making a doorway and passing through it, or maybe just imagining a classroom appearing, bit by bit, around you as you watch. Also, you might look into dream incubation techniques, because they are generally designed to influence your unconscious -- to set those priorities -- before you go to sleep as well.

      In short, what you might want to try is to create some day residue about the dream details you desire, and then do the techniques.
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      Everyone's basically said it. Day work is key and visualise what you want. Keep a note book and write down things about that character that you want to see them look like and see them do. Good luck with it!! I do this a lot and in my dreams, I always end up naturally shouting for the DC and they successfully appear (most of the time). It is important to troubleshoot straight away too when things go wrong with your DC summoning, nipping that problem in the bud as it were and getting to the bottom of it before it renders your dreams difficult to control.
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      When I want to summon a character, I walk up to an already existing character and grab their face. Then I think about the person I want, and their face and body morphs into the character I want to summon. Doesn't work always, but its really cool to watch it play out.
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